What is Pronoun Ebook .? Everything You Need To Know

The pronoun is a great ebook service for writers. It’s a piece of bad news for those who loved Pronoun that has to shut down. There we are going to look for the details regarding it.

What is a Pronoun?

Pronoun was creating for the authors to provide

  1.  free book publishing
  2. marketing
  3. analytics services 

It was launched in 2015 with the parent company Macmillan Publishers in New York City. It was a great publication tool where they truly put authors first.

pronoun ebook

Authors feel bad about what happened with Pronoun as they were able to change the way authors connect with readers. They are grateful for the community they built and the feedback they got from the people. The best features about Pronoun is the free automated conversion tool that made absolutely beautiful ebooks.

What happened with Pronoun?

On November 6, we all came to know that it is shutting down its operation. This results in

  1. new books can not be uploaded
  2. removed all existing books from distribution on January 15, 2018.

On the following day, Draft2Digital has announced that Pronoun will distribute to Amazon. For all D2D users, it was a piece of great news as it makes D2D a one-stop shop to distribute to the largest English-language ebook retailers.

pronoun ebook

But this great news came with great limitations and that is

  1. D2D takes a 10% cut of your royalties compared to Pronoun.
  2. ebooks released through D2D will earn only 35% royalty compared to Pronoun.
  3. ebooks released through D2D can’t take advantage of Amazon Marketing Services advertising but in the case of Pronoun, you were able to take advantages.

Places where you can publish your new places

  1. Amazon where you can use  Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. use Apple’s iTunesConnect,ii Barnes and Noble’s NookPress, GooglePlayiii, and Kobo’s Writing Life for working with the other major retailers
  3. use a distributor such as BookBaby, Draft2Digital, IngramSpark, or Smashwords for retainer ring works

pronoun ebook

Still no one these can match with Pronoun. We all miss Pronoun, aren’t we? Pronoun was a great help for writers and we all were sad while saying goodbye to you. You were the best platform where we get a full 70% on all ebook sales, no matter the price.

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