Do you love Wordle or are you just starting to use it? Do you make errors when selecting the right words for the correct answer? This happens to you often? We will be discussing one word that many players considered the Wordle answer. But it wasn’t.

Wordle is very popular in countries like Australia, and New Zealand. Due to the growing popularity of the game, many new words began appearing on the internet.

Why Gammy Is Trending With Wordle Game?

Gawky is the answer to Wordle 375. However, many people wrongly assumed that Gammy was the correct answer. The Wordle provides hints to help you select the word.

The word starts with G. There is only one vowel in it. The word was trending online because people assumed Gammy would be it, based on the hint.

Meaning Of Gawky – Wordle 375 Answer

Gawky means awkward or graceless. Gawky is an adjective that refers to someone who is unpolished and clumsy. This word is the answer to 29th June.

Gammy Definition

Grammy refers to an area of the body that cannot function properly. An injury or pain could cause the body to lose function. The word is used in a common and proper sense by most people.

Words Synonymous to Gammy

The same words that mean Grammy also mean:

  • Worse
  • Fragile
  • Unwell
  • Failure
  • Frail
  • Sick
  • Unfit
  • Ill

Solutions To The Gammy Wordle

Follow the clues to solve the word puzzle perfectly. When you are talking about Wordle, the indications of colour will tell you if the letter that you put in the box was correct or wrong.

  • You can change the colour of the letters to make them more readable. Wordle can be played with the colour of your choice to help you guess the correct word.
  • If you place the correct letter into the box the box will turn blue. Those who answer correctly in Gammy Game will agree to the hints.
  • If you place the incorrect letter in the wrong spot, the box will turn yellow. If it turns grey, this means that the letter has been incorrectly inserted.


GAWKY was the answer to 29th June (i.e.., 375 Wordle), although many people incorrectly thought that GAMMY might be the correct answer. The correct answer is given and the wrong one, which is believed to be right and so trending online.


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