Unseen activity from one of the strongest magnets in the universe. It is the rarest neutron star and one of the powerful magnets in the universe. The astronomer ARC center of excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav) and CSIRO observed these observations.

Their new discovery proposes magnetars have more compound magnetic fields that were believed forehand. This may also challenge theories of how they are actually born and evolve over time.


A magnetar is a type of revolving neutron star with a potent magnetic field in the cosmos. The magnetic field decay powers the release of high-energy electromagnetic radiations. Certain radiations are X-rays and Gama-rays. Robert Duncan and Christopher Thompson proposed this theory on magnetars in 1992.

The magnetars theory became widely accepted as a clarification for soft gamma receptors and anomalous X-rays pulsars throughout the 10 years.



Swift J1818.0-1607 was found after it emitted a bright X-ray burst like a new magnetar in march 2020. A radio pulse emerging from the magnetar was abruptly surveillance. The aspects of the radio pulse of j1818.0-1607 were different from the other radio-loud magnets.

The team of scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave discovery kept watching on for eight times using the CSIRO parkers radio telescope for better comprehension of J1818.0-1607 between May and October 2020.

They summon up that the magnetars underwent a brief identity disorder

  • During May, magnetars were emitting the unusual pulsar-like pulses that had been detected formally.
  • During July, the flicking back and forth between emitting pulsar-like and magnetar-like radio pulses.


After this bizarre behavior, Swinburne University/CSIRO Ph.D. student Marcus Lower said that it appears to have only been a short-lived phenomenon as by our next observation it had settled permanently into this new magnetar-like state.

The study proposes this is an indication that the radio pulse from J1818.0-1607 derived from loops of magnetic field lines linking two closely spaced poles.


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