Yet another disturbing incident surfaced from Trump’s side. Roger Stone, an ally and advisor of the former president in Washington D.C was guarded by the Oath Keepers on the same day of the attack on Capitol. The attack on the White House was quite traumatizing for the entire country, given how desperate Trump supporters have become and the path the country is heading towards.

Stone’s Video Went Viral:

A viral video of Stone being flanked has gone viral. It has been seen that he is trying to capture pictures and amalgamate with the bunch of supporters, outside of a hotel in D.C. The Oath Keepers were trying to keep close to him, one sporting a baseball cap and another wearing an army-like jacket with the badge of militia group. One Trump supporter has been heard to say something about timings and the limitation of the day, to which Stone replied “we shall see”. Nothing has been confirmed about what they were talking about, but it is anticipated and suspected that they were talking about the attack on the capitol.

Trump Ally Roger Stone Faces Trouble and Flanked By Oath Keepers Morning of Capitol Hill Riot!

What Was Stone’s Reply?

Stone’s alibi notes that he had no responsibility whatsoever in the events of January 6 and he was present in his hotel during the attack, getting ready to reach Dulles Airport. He blamed the people around him for doubting his motives and that he has no trust in anyone.

Upon asking whether he knows anyone who is behind the attack, Roger Stone duly said that he had no prior knowledge or anticipation about the incident or any plans that went around. He also admitted that he even did not know who provided him the security for the day, so it is baseless and vague to hold him accountable for happenings.

Photographs of numerous individuals participating in the attack on the Capitol at separate activities with Stone have appeared online in the past few weeks. Two of them were recognised and eventually arrested after they uploaded pictures with Stone on their social media platforms. In the 2016 elections, Stone became an additional star after he had been accused of an investigation into the Russian intervening and eventually acquitted by President Trump, for several years as a controversial strategist in a Republican circle.

Trump Ally Roger Stone Faces Trouble and Flanked By Oath Keepers Morning of Capitol Hill Riot!

Another Video Confirming The Accusations:

Another video surfaced where Stone is seen to be mingling with the leaders of Proud Boys, Ethan Nordean and Enrique Tarrio the group that planned the attack in the “Stop The Steal” rally last December. We get to see the Infowars renowned person Owen Shroyer in the second video, interacting with the crowd, along with Tarrio and Stone. Quite interesting to note though. He claims that the 2020 Presiendtial election wasn’t a fair one and corrupted ways were taken to make Biden win the election. He promised that they will fight for America and save it from further damage. The men also objected that even the Supreme Court was wrong to them and that they were “stabbed in the back”.

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