Your Ultimate Guide to Pride: 8 US Cities to Celebrate the LGBTQ Rights

Boston or Beantown is known for its inclusivity, and so when June comes around, the city comes together to show its support for LGBTQ rights. You will find the queer culture in every nook and corner of the city during the month. During the week-long celebration, glitter fills the air, people participate in fun-filled events and adventure sports, and rainbow flags take over the streets. Since Boston has several neighborhoods with a large LGBTQ population, with South End being the most notable, the city hosts the most eclectic events during pride month.

Detroit, Michigan

The annual pride parade in Motor City, as Detroit is popularly known, is a riot of color, love, equality, and diversity. Each year, 40,000 participants come together to celebrate their rights. The first pride parade in Detroit was celebrated in 1972 as a march downtown. The Motor City organized a two-day celebration that featured 120+ sponsors, vendors, concerts, live performances of artists, food, and its signature parade. If you are excited to be a part of the Motor City Pride Parade 2022, get cheap flights to Detroit and embrace the beautiful diversity.

Portland, Oregon

Although the LGBTQIA in Portland is a year-round scene, the annual pride parade is the town’s highlight. The celebration of diversity was started in 1977 and witnessed 60,000 spectators in the past. The Portland pride Festival is the largest visibility avenue and attracts new supporters to promote the legacy of LGBTQIA rights. The event attracts thousands of visitors and raises the much-needed fund to help the LGBTQIA business community.

Washington, DC

The pride parade of Washington DC is one of the nation’s oldest events that advocate inclusivity and equal gay rights. The first such event was organized in 1975 with a small block party and street festival. However, as the community grew and started receiving support from all corners of the nation, the pride events added more features. From public history lectures to pool parties and happy hours, people of all genders and communities celebrate the event and embrace each other with respect and love.

Chicago, Illinois

Pride month is a major affair in the ‘windy city. The celebration is a full-month pride scene packed with colorful events. The city hosts a two-day music festival, and the streets turn into a riot of color during these two days when the community takes out a four-mile procession through Lincoln Park, Uptown, and Northalsted. Most of the events take place in Boystown. Despite its modest beginning, Chicago’s LGBTQ- Pride festival grew into one of the world’s largest and most vibrant scenes. To experience the pride month in the ‘Windy City’, read our Chicago Travel Guide for complete information about the city.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, or our beloved LA, is not just about Hollywood and megastars. The annual LA Pride Parade attracts thousands of crowds annually along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. The history dates back to 1967, when the city witnessed the earliest demonstration at the Black Cat Bar in Silver Lake, three years before the world’s first permitted gay rights parade, organized in 1970. If you want to be a part of this thriving Pride fest, visit West Hollywood, home to the Abbey and nabe’s big gay heart.

San Diego, California

San Diego embraces people of all stripes and advocates LGBTQ rights. Visit the Uptown neighborhood of Hillcrest- the heart of San Diego’s LGBTQ community. The neighborhood is always packed with something fun and exciting to do. You do not have to attend the pride parade in June, as it is a year-round celebration in San Diego that attracts over 25,000 visitors annually. However, the parade is an enormous affair and features famous drag queens, elected officials, LGBTQI families, and multiple stages with over 90 acts.

Denver, Colorado

Denver has a well-established LGBTQ community, and its laid-back nature attracts members of the community from all over the world. The two-day event during the pride month witnessed over 350,000 people to Civic Center Park. The motto of Denver’s annual pride month is to spread love and equality. With several events, 200 vendors, live concerts, and thousands of proud people, the energy is contagious in Denver. On the Parade day, the crowd leaves early at 9 am from Cheesman Park, Denver’s most eclectic LGBTQ neighborhood.

Wrap UpThe rainbow flag is the symbol of LGBTQ pride and diversity, and during the LGBTQ pride month, the flag takes over the streets to show support for the most persecuted and marginalized community. Several countries have banned same-sex marriage, and a relationship between two of the same sex is still considered a crime. Despite the United Nations Human Rights statement that says it is a criminal offence to discriminate against people because they are gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual, several countries have not yet legalized it. Thankfully the USA showed the world how LGBTQ are as normal as any other human being and deserves equal treatment as any other person.

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