University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) is a national level eligibility test conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) twice a year. Through this test, a candidate’s eligibility is determined for the post of ‘Assistant Professor’ and ‘Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor in Indian universities and colleges. 

In addition to practice, a lot of hard work and time management is required to crack this test. Going through the mock tests of UGC NET 2022 adds to your preparation for the exam. You get confidence and a good idea about attempting the paper. 

The exam is essential for all future professors, and BYJU’s Exam Prep understands this. They have recently launched a UGC NET hub to help you get through the UGC NET exams. It’s a specially curated learning platform for all aspiring UGC NET candidates. It is important not to lose hope if you are unable to clear in the first attempt and keep your confidence alive until you achieve your target.

So how to practice the Mock Tests? Here is the answer.

  1. Revision

The first step to practice mock tests is to revise all that you have learned. Revision is significant for memory retention. Before the exam, regularly revise the topics that you have learned. If you want to practice mock tests to crack the UGC NET exam, revise before attempting the test. Furthermore, revisions also help you remember important formulas/concepts.

  1. Discipline 

If you want to crack the UGC NET, the second step before attempting the mock test is to be disciplined. Many people don’t have enough patience to attempt the whole mock test. It results in poor confidence and wastage of time. Therefore, before attempting the mock test, make sure you are ready and confident to attempt the full mock test.

  1. Attempt Mock Tests from Reliable Sources

You may find several websites offering different mock tests for the UGC NET exam. Therefore, you should always attempt mock tests from reliable sources. You can get countless mock tests and previous year’s question papers for UGC NET on BYJU’S Exam prep website. The mock tests on its website are convenient to use. You can attempt a mock test anytime you feel like it. 

  1. Try Attempting Mock Tests Regularly

With fewer days remaining for the exam, attempt the UGC NET mock test and previous year’s papers to ace your practice. Solving mock tests helps a person get familiarised with the types of questions asked in the exam. It will also help in the analysis of your preparation level. Moreover, you can keep a regular track of your mock test result to identify your weak and strong areas and work on them accordingly. Therefore, make it a habit to attempt mock tests regularly before the examination.

Byju’s Exam Prep is exclusively designed for UGC NET-focused learning. The study material is tailored with the latest syllabus, question papers, audio-video recorded lectures, exam-focused topics, mock tests, notes, and articles. And all of this is available at a single site, accessible anytime from anywhere to watch and download. We recommend you register with our UGC NET magazine to keep track of your progress. Furthermore, don’t forget to attempt the mock tests for UGC NET. All the best!


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