Why Jidion was banned from Twitch? This is an investigation into the streaming career of the content creator. We invite you to continue reading our article.

Is Jidion a famous person? If you answered yes, then you should know that Twitch has banned him from using social media platforms. He is a well-known prankster. However, there have been controversies over his statements. Some of his statements implying racism are being criticized by the Worldwidepeople.

It is one reason Why Jidion Got Banned. You can read our post to find out more about why and how the ban was placed.

The Reports

YouTuber JiDion Adams, who is well-known for his Twitch pranks, was banned one day after the collaboration program launched. Amazon owned the streaming service and initially suspended the access of the user for two weeks. However, the suspension was made permanent after “Extreme Harassment”

His hate attack on Twitch star Pokimane led to him being banned. Why Was Jidion Banned from Twitch His supporters invaded her stream during the raid. It filled the chat full of phrases designed to make fun of the Moroccan-Canadian celebrity as well as the products she was creating. Adams accepted the 14-day suspension and apologized.

The Events

Jidion’s videos prove that he hates Pokimane. He has also stated it. A January 13th post shows that Jidion dislikes Pokimane, meaning that there should be a hate-hunt against her. He encouraged his followers not to input L+ ratio in Poki’s chat when they were watching her Valorant.

Why Jidion Was Banned?

Jidion exhorted his audience members to follow her after she changed to follower only mode to continue spamming. She said she “can handle this”, but did not want her viewers to feel harassed.

The Wimbledon Ban

Jidion went to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon 2022, where Novak Djokovic was playing against Jannik Siner. Jidion wanted Jannik Siner to win the match. Djokovic made an astonishing comeback to win and was victorious.

The audience applauded Sinner’s victory in defending a point and turned their attention to the YouTuber. Why was Jidion banned from Wimbledon? It was noticed that Jidion was beating on his chest before an officer entered to discuss it.

Jidion later revealed to his supporters that he had been banned from Wimbledon that day.


Jidion continues his popularity and has had great success on YouTube. Over 1.6 million people subscribe to his other channels, and his primary channel just passed the five-million-subscriber threshold. While fans can watch his work on the red platform they also hope that he will return to Twitch in a future.

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