Callie Witt Accident Heartbreaking news about a tragic accident comes from Keeneland 2022’s The Keeneland 2022 Spring Meet event. Find the complete news here to get all the details about the tragic incident.

Did you hear about the tragic death of Callie Witt? Are you aware of what caused her death? The people across all of the United Statesare shocked at the news of the young rider’s passing with an exciting future in racing.

Callie Witt was only 20 years old when she passed away on April 29th , the day before her birthday. We will look at the article below, where we discuss the Callie Witt Accident and the reasons for her death.

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The details of the incident and cause of the death:

The morning of Friday brings sad information about the death in the case of Callie Witt. It was the day that was to be the last of her life and she’ll never experience another day. The incident happened around 8.30 a.m. in the final morning of Spring Meet when Callie, an exercise rider, led an exercise ride. Callie Witt was thrown on the unique training track at Keeneland after the horse altered the stride.

The track’s on-site emergency team rushed in response to Callie Witt Accident to help her. She was transported in the Kentucky Emergency dept. However the doctor said that she was no longer present and stated that the reason was the blunt trauma.

Who is Callie Witt?

Witt is from Nebraska and moved to Lexington to attend her graduation. She was close to completing her education at North American Racing Academy and was also the state champion in girls wrestling team in the year 2020. She pursued her dream of becoming a jockeys and enrolled to earn a college degree simultaneously.

How do Keeneland experts have to say regarding the Callie Witt Accident?

Callie was working with the trainer Joe Sharp, and he declared that she was a good candidate for a career in the racing industry. We are all broken because she became intimate with us. She was a strong, determined woman and was adamant to reach her goal.

The president Chief Executive Officer of Keeneland said that Keeneland is devastated by this tragic loss, and our thoughts are with their family members, loved ones and the entire community of racing.

Carlo Vaccarezza, the owner Carlo Vaccarezza, initiated GoFundMe to raise funds to pay for her funeral and memorial.

Additionally, Keeneland conducted a silent moment to honor the victim of the accident, Callie Witt and praised her prior to starting the program at the end of the day on Friday.

A similar incident occurred in the racetrack:

This was also the very first fatal accident that occurred on Lexington field following a long time. Prior to the Callie incident the year 1982 was when Del Carroll died while racing. Del Carroll was an trainer, and aged 62 at the when he fell from the horse and passed away.


Support continues to be in process and counseling is offered through the chaplaincy program of Keeneland for Callie Witt. It’s a truly tragic moment when Keeneland is losing its most admired champion. The following article contains all the formal facts about the event.

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