The benefits of hiring an office window cleaning service are many. Your employees will feel more comfortable, and the building will look fresh. The most significant use for your company is that you avoid the financial penalties for broken windows. But why does having clean windows matter so much?

According to statistics published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the number of businesses offering office window cleaning in Melbourne increased by 15% between 2010 and 2015. This is a significant increase, especially considering that there was no change in the number of businesses offering commercial window cleaning services over the previous decade (2002-2012).

Here are some reasons:

To keep the office looking fresh.

When you hire an office window cleaning in Melbourne, you ensure that your storefront looks as professional as possible. This means it will also be evident to passers-by and, therefore, more likely to catch their attention.

Clean windows can help make an excellent first impression on potential customers, who are often drawn in by the appeal of clean storefronts. Cleaning your windows regularly can also help you stand out from the competition. Prospective clients might choose your business over a competitor simply because it has cleaner windows—which could lead to more significant revenue for your company!

To improve morale by creating a comfortable work environment.

An office with dirty windows is a sad, depressing place. You can create a much happier environment with exemplary window cleaning service. A clean office is more pleasant to work in and encourages employees to stay longer due to its improved appearance. Visitors will also be more likely to enjoy their time there if everything looks clean and tidy!

To prevent health problems in employees.

Employees who have to work in an environment with dirty windows can suffer from health problems. For example, the build-up of dust on windows causes respiratory issues, eye irritation, and other related problems. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are more than 40 different types of bacteria that live in dust.

To avoid the financial penalties for broken windows.

If you break a window and are responsible for paying for it, an office cleaning company will be responsible for the expense.

Why? Because they’re going to be doing the work on your windows. If they break one while there, it’s their fault—not yours. Thus, they’ll pay for any damage done to your property while cleaning it—which means that if something happens while they’re working on your windows. If you’re paying them to do so (as opposed to hiring them as independent contractors), you won’t be liable if something gets broken in the process.

To make visitors feel welcome.

It’s a fact: clean windows make the office look more professional. They also help visitors feel welcome and comfortable, which makes them feel more relaxed, which can result in a better experience for all involved. These are three things that any business owner or manager should want to happen when they have clients coming into their building.

A clean work environment is a happy one.

Clean windows and furniture can improve morale, making your employees happier with their job. A clean office also makes an excellent first impression on visitors, which can help increase business. Clean windows have been shown to reduce health problems in employees, such as allergies and headaches, so they must be thoroughly cleaned regularly.


Having your office windows professionally cleaned can be the best investment you make. You will save money on energy bills and improve air quality while having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your staff is working in a safe and healthy environment.


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