Watch Online Kageki Shoujo Episode 9 Release Date, Recap and Everything About It !!

Kageki Shoujo Episode 9 is the next episode of the series and the newest one too. The preceding episode was titled Kooru’s Summer which was about Sarasa and Ai going back to Tokyo to enjoy Summer Vacation.

Akiya, Sarasa’s boyfriend, talks and recapitulates memories about him and Sarasa. We will share with you all the necessary information regarding the release date and where can you watch it online.

Kageki Shoujo Episode 9 Trailer

Recap: Kageki Shoujo Episode 8

The story is about a girl named Sarasa, who is really tall and is provided with a lead role of a male character in Kouko Acting Troupe.

Kageki Shoujo Episode 9

She meets her roommate and makes a strong friendship with Ai. Ai tells her past story and sheds tears. Ai runs away at a point when Sarasa hears the next part of the story from a stalker.

Sarasa’s sixteenth birthday come up with a surprise gift from Tokyo. Then, Ai and Sarasa move back to Tokyo to celebrate Summer Vacations.

Release Date: Kageki Shoujo Episode 9

Kageki Shoujo Episode 9 will be launching on 29 August 2021. It will have its access on the platforms given below. So, don’t forget to take a subscription to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Where to Watch Online

You can watch each episode of Kageki Shoujo only on,

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