Top 3 Female Companions in Fallout 4 and Who is The Best Amongst All?

Fallout 4 is a powerful game and has a craze amongst the users. This game was newly introduced to the world on 15 November 2015. 

We will be going to share with you the best and top 3 female companions of all time and new updates about Fallout 4. So, without wasting time, Let’s begin.

Fallout 4

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Top 3 Female Companions: Fallout 4


She is an addicted girl on drugs. She faces various traumas in her life. But, keeping aside her life’s issues she is a must-have companion as she can fight efficiently.

The ultimate tasks, she performs like a pro. She can also provide you with Trigger Rush Perk as a bonus. So, you must try her out.


She is the one who first encounters, Handy. She can turn herself into a miraculous body just like a human being.
She is kind and strong at the same time.

She helps you with urgent medical needs and instantly boosts it to a 100. Rather it is a 10 or 20 percent HP that can solve your problem.


She is a reporter for Diamond City. She is efficient in taking interviews as you start the game her you will meet her in the first half.

She loves her pistol and uses it efficiently. She will also gift you the perk of Gab. You must try her out as she is bold and strong enough to tackle situations.


Curie is the one best female companions, who don’t like the female who can boost your HP to 100, her kindness is far great than others. These qualities make her the best one of all.

Where to Play

  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • PS5

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