Spiti valley is located at 3,810m (12,500ft) in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh. It has been long overlooked by tourists in comparison with its lesser-known cousin, Ladakh. The chilly desert mountains region deserves your attention with its strange scenery, rising mountains, postcard hamlets, historical monasteries, and beautiful lakes.

Spiti valley is a place that will last a lifetime. We are sharing the best things you can do in Spiti Valley to make it worth your while.

  • Rafting on the River: An Adventure Call
  • Buddhist Monasteries: See The Flora & Fauna pin Valley National. The valley does not hide some of the most famous monasteries: the Key Monastery and Kungri Monastery. Kardang Monastery and other well-known monasteries are also in Spiti. Each community in Spiti has a monastery that offers serenity and calm at the same moment.
  • Park: Take in the Views of Lake DhanKar Lake. Visit the local biodiversity spot or an environment park. This park is located in the Himalayas and contains endangered fauna and flora such as snow leopards, Himalayan snowcocks, Siberian and Siberian ibex and Tibetan gazelle.
  • Trekking: Giu’s Thrill Village must be visited: Visit the Mummy.
  • Feel the Thrill of The Baralacha Pass. It’s a great place to meet new people.
  • Kaza’s Main market: Interact with people Shop to your heart’s delight Stargazing: Take in the Awe-Inspiring Sky. Visit Spiti Valley’s charming towns to experience the genuine friendliness of the locals.
  • Komic, the highest motorable village in the world, is a landmark of Spiti. It is home to approximately 50-60 people, and is situated at 15,000 feet above the sea level. The village is known for being the highest-motorable village on the planet.
  • Spiti’s stunning lakes – I am certain you have never seen anything quite like them anywhere else. Some of the most famous are Suraj Taal’s Chandratal Lake and Dhankar Lake.
  • The World’s Highest Post Office – Spiti also has the highest post office in the world, Hikkim at 14,500 feet. Hikkim, located 15 km from Kaza and where you can send postcards and letters to your loved ones, is just 15 kilometres away.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the culture by staying at a local home. It will also give you a unique experience that will make you feel at home. A homestay also offers homemade food, which helps you get a better understanding of the mountain region.
  • It is easy to find a homestay or hotel in Spiti. There are no homestays or dorms available. You can easily get a room at a decent hotel for as low as INR 1,000
  • To experience Spiti as a local, opt for a local ride such as a Yak Safari. Nearly every family owns at least one yak. If you don’t feel like hiking, this is a great alternative.
  • Find out how the valley’s residents cope with the cold, and sample some local cuisine. These villages are worth a visit:

Komic, Asia’s highest motorable settlement at 4,587m (15,049ft), is a paradise for campers and trekkers.

Langza is a famous place for marine fossils. It stands at 4,400m (14,435 ft).

There are two ways to get to Spiti valley

Shimla is the first route.Travel to Delhi or Chandigarh from major cities. Overnight buses operate between these cities and Shimla. Regular buses run between Shimla and the Kinnaur area. Shimla offers both shared taxis as well as private rental automobiles.

You can also go through Manali on the second route. Regular buses run between Manali, Kaza and the Kunzum- and Rohtang passes. You can either rent or take a shared taxi from Manali.

Spiti is a stunningly beautiful region. No one can leave it without saying, “I’ll never return.” It is a truly special place, with breathtaking views that are unique. The experience is unforgettable. This is a must-see when you travel to India. You will be able to cherish the memories for the rest of you life.


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