Running, walking and exploring through the woods for thrilling adventures sounds like the perfect idea for a relaxing holiday. Walking through the forest and watching the wildlife move before your eyes is sure to make you feel chilly. A few days in the forest will provide you with an incredible experience for wanderers. These treks are extremely popular in Maharashtra and the state has plenty of ideal places to go for an adventure.

Andharban Forest trek

Andharban is a word that means “Dark” and ban is a synonym for ‘dense forests’ in Marathi. Andharban literally means dark dense forest. It is referred to as that because Andharban forests are dense and the majority of the wood is shaded. This is an evergreen Sahyadri Forest located at an altitude of 2160 feet in the Tamhini Ghats. It is approximately 13 km long. This is the ideal place for those seeking an adrenaline rush like the ones in the forests.

The ideal time for this trek is in the monsoon season, and leaves a beautiful monsoon-inspired trail through the Andharban forest. In this season, you will see exotic wildlife such as the giant Indian squirrel as well as the chirping of birds such as the dwarf kingfishers and chaatak and malabar whistling thrush. In addition, the leaf swaying and water gushing down the hills enhances the splendor of this forest, and makes it the most beautiful location on the list of a wanderer’s.

Rajmachi trek

Rajmachi is referred to as that because it’s the hike up to Rajmachi fort located in the Sahyadri mountains. If you are looking to start your adventure in the monsoon forest and are a novice, this is the right trek for you because it is easy to conquer because the altitude isn’t too high. It takes just 2.5 to three hours to get to the fort. They have also put up white signs for tourists to guide them on their journey. You could also take this trip without the assistance of a guide. In the three hours you’ll be amazed by the splendor of this area on your way due to the stunning wildlife and flora, the gushing waterfalls, beautiful valleys, green mountains and plenty more.

Kalsubai Peak trek

Kalsubai is considered to be the tallest mountain of Maharashtra situated on the west ghats at an altitude of around 1646 meters, also known as”the Everest of Maharashtra. It can be quite difficult for those who are new to the area since the difficulty ranges from moderate to difficult , and is typically performed by experienced trekkers.

Being able to complete this trek on your own with no help is something that you can certainly be proud of as this trek is on the top 10 of theMaharashtra has some of the most difficult hikes. There are also man-made ways for people to walk to the top if they feel it difficult to traverse the mountains. Although this level of climbing could cause you to feel exhausted, once you reach the top and see the stunning view from the top of the state, you’ll realize that the effort was worth it.It will be the most satisfying component of your journey.

Sinhagad Fort trek

Located in the Sahyadri Mountains, Sinhagad Fort is an old fortress that is famous for its significance in history and style. In addition to its looks, trekking is a popular sport in the vicinity of Sinhagad Fort. The thrill seekers will be amazed by the prominent slopes on the Hill thrilling to climb. Many novices and intermediate level trekkers from Pune travel towards Sinhagad Fort early in the morning. It is amazing that it’s very simple to climb. If you’re an experienced hiker then it won’t require you to spend 40 minutes to get to the fort. And all the time you have to spend exploring and climbing the fort as you will not want to miss the breathtaking views of the hills from the fort. During monsoons when clouds are dark and heavy, it can make it feel like you’re walking on the clouds.

Devkund trek

Are you in search of an easy one-day hike relaxing with family and your friends? Of course , you must not miss out on amazing adventures or breathtaking views. This trek is ideal to do it.

Devkund trekking – A walk to Devkund waterfall that will take approximately 4 hours to reach. It is located close to a small village, Bhira village. If you want to take perfect photos of your time at this waterfall then the months of October through November is the ideal time to visit the waterfall and it eases the process for travelers to travel. It is said that the Devkund waterfall is around 60 feet deep. If you aren’t willing to put your life at risk, it is recommended not to go to the point of the waterfall that has this depth.

Along the way, you’ll also get to experience the incredible nature and wildlife, and in the rain , you will witness the lush and flowing of Devkund waterfall.


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