Influenced by the national capital of India, Delhi, Gurgaon has grown into one of the largest IT hubs. It has laid no bounds to expand its territory of recreational amenities, including cafes that offer unique dishes and ambiance to live the moments. For anyone up to explore them, Gurgaon taxi services offer cost-effective trails across the city, and here are seven cafes you must try. 

Di Ghent cafe

Di Ghent café is one of the best places to catch up with a friend over a flavored hot waft of bread for breakfast or lunch. Its wooden interiors fill the air with Parisian charm, and the ambiance filled with chatter makes it the best to be amidst people. Pals Panini, Pieters, Rabot, and handmade ravioli dishes are the must-try, unique delicacies.

The café offers delicious brews for a coffee lover with its special Piccolo, cocoa mocha, Belgian hot chocolate, and complimentary babycino. The café holds an extensive wine collection. 

Sandhouse café 

Dim-lit, classic wooden interiors, and cozy seating arrangements make the place best for a date night with your loved ones. In addition to the pleasant vibe, the café offers its most popular choco milkshake, nutty caramel shakes, Garden Pizza, Mocha, Peri Peri fries, and Onion rings.

Its menu also includes continental, fast food, and beverages. Customers visit over and over because of its outdoor seating with open air and the collections of breweries, including beer, red wine, and white wine. 

Sakley’s The Mountain Café

It is a mountain-themed café and the best for people who vibe with vintage songs for stress-buster. Their dish varieties include Sherwood BBQ Chicken Pizza, Baked Red Sauce Pasta, and Doon Valley Chicken Bacon Burger. If you love beverages, they have Nightingale Coke Float, Homemade Ginger Ale, and its Signature Cold Coffee.

Harajuku Tokyo café

The café has made a brand name for Japanese street food and celebrates Harajuku, a street in Japan known for pop culture, cosplay, and colors. Its bright neon interiors, Sakura tree, cloud lights, pastel-hued wall, and unique booth-like seating arrangements create a unique, energetic environment. 

Its menu offers delicious must-try Yakitori Chicken, Teriyaki Mushroom Bao, and Chicken Ramen. You can end your day with their delectable desserts like Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Original and Japanese Whiskey Cake.

Guftagu café 

As the name suggests, Guftagu café is one of the places in Gurgaon for long conversations over multiple cuisines. Its must-try dishes are Falafel Wrap, Crispy Fish Fingers, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Strips, BBQ Burger, and the Blush Sauce Pasta.

Hamoni- Cafe By The Greens

Its unique offer is the view of a golf course and gardens through its floor-to-ceiling windows that mimic European garden cafes. Its menu is known for delicious Aloo Tuk Chaat, Hamoni Mezze Platter, Wild Mushroom Pizza, Spaghetti with Lamb Meatballs, and Warm Soft Centered Chocolate Pudding.

Another fine day 

Head to another fine day, a unique cafe in Gurgaon, when you want a day to destress. Along with tasty food and beverages, it offers multiple board games, a foosball table, and a dedicated library. You start your day with a quiet American Breakfast and Pancake Stack. Further, its popular dishes are Grilled rosemary chicken, Rusticana pizza, and chicken cheese melt.


Your busy and tiresome life deserves quality time with your friends and family spending quality time over a delicious meal. You can rent a car in Gurgaon and go on a fun spree for a day exploring the city’s colors.


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