How To Play Lottery Online At Fun88 Simple & Easy

How to play the online lottery at Fun88 is one of the hottest topics in recent times when this bookie is increasingly receiving the love of many people. However, the information on this topic is not really much, making it difficult for people to find it. Understanding that right now we will accompany you to find out in the most detail how to play the online lottery at Fun88. Everyone is invited to join.

What is a Lottery?

The lottery is considered one of the healthy and entertaining games for everyone.

The lottery is understood that is the player conducts to uses his money to bet and predict the lottery results every day. In it, it is necessary to predict the last 2 or 3 numbers in the special prize. As for the lot, the player also needs to predict the last 2 or 3 numbers in all the remaining prizes.

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The difference between playing the online lottery at Fun88 and the traditional way of playing

To be able to attract a large number of players to participate, Fun88 has studied for many years and has made a great improvement compared to the traditional way of playing as follows:


Regarding the rules of the game, the way to play the online lottery at Fun88 and the traditional way of playing are relatively similar. However, when coming to Fun88, players will be able to participate in the experience and bet in a safer way. Because of the unique form of playing the online lottery, players also save a lot of money as well as travel time in the process of participating in betting. If you are the lucky one to win, your bonus amount will be added directly to your account, rather than going to the place to receive the bonus as before.


The reward rate of playing the online lottery at Fun88 is also different from traditional ones as follows:

  • The player will bet 1 and win 750 on par bet 2
  • The player will win 1:85 if he bets on two numbers
  • Eat ratio 1: 4000 if you win 3 . skewers
  • Win 1: 750 if you bet on 3 numbers
  • Eat 1:750 if you win the 2 . skewers
  • Eat 1: 50000 if you win 5 numbers
  • Eat 1: 7000 when winning 4 numbers

Detailed instructions on how to play the lottery online at Fun88 are simple and easy

If you are also looking to participate in the experience of playing the online lottery at Fun88 and do not know how to play, please refer to our following step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Sign in

To be able to start the process of participating in Fun88 betting, players need to visit the correct official website of the bookie and log in to their account. (In case the player does not have an account, register immediately).

After entering your account, the player continues to click on the lottery => SLC lottery => start the game. So you have just entered the main interface to be able to participate in online lottery betting at Fun88

Step 2: Place a bet

To be able to continue playing online lottery at Fun88, players need to choose one of the 3 lottery stations that this bookie is providing as follows: XSMN, XSMB and XSMT. If you are familiar with any lottery station, you should choose that lottery station to participate in betting, but you should pay attention to the correct results of that lottery station, avoiding the case of betting on the Lottery station but finding the results. XSMT results.

At the Fun88 bookie, players will be able to choose from the following betting forms:

  • Bet on 3, 4, 5 first or last numbers of the prize
  • Special bets
  • Bet on the first 2 or the last 2 numbers of the prize
  • Betting on 2-digit parlay or 3-digit parlay

After choosing the form of betting, the player needs to select the bet level and then confirm participation.

Step 3: Successful bet

After successfully participating, players need to wait until the date and time of the prize opening to be able to compare the results with the numbers they bet in step 2 to see if they are the winners or not.

Some notes when playing the lottery Fun88

A lottery is a form of investment that players’ own calculations. Therefore, you in the forecasting period should also know the method of analysis and judgment. In particular, you should control investment capital. To minimize the risk situation, you must know how to invest capital each time more or less.

The proper distribution of capital is also something you must pay attention to. This prevents you from losing your capital. Or sometimes with the number, you feel sure you don’t have enough money to bet.

Absolutely do not let online gambling affect your life, family, health, and work. When playing need to spend a suitable amount of time. Best, just treat the lottery as a pastime and don’t attach too much importance to losing or winning.

In fact, there have been many cases of broken families and heavy debts, so when playing, know when to stop. Besides, attending brings a sense of clarity, fun, and a clear mind. Since then, most of the work is guaranteed to be the most satisfactory. To limit the case of being scammed, you best need to join the lottery at reputable shops like Fun88.

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Above is our entire detailed and specific summary of how to play the online lottery at Fun88. Hopefully, the above article will be useful information for beginner players. Thank you for your support and trust in us in the past time.

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