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The Stanley Hotel Ghost Pictures You Need To Know

Many of us believe in Ghosts and many do not. We still don’t have a clear explanation as to whether Ghosts exist or not. Maybe that’s the reason why it became a huge buzz when we came to know about any Ghost encounters. There we are going to talk about the Stanley Hotel ghost.

What is Stanley Hotel Ghost?

At an old hotel overlooking the city, writer Stephen King and his wife decide to stop for the night in the fall of 1974. Due to the assumption of a ghost of its former, Edwardian-era self, Stanley Hotel has faced many Hardships. Even though the pair checked into Room 217, the Presidential Suite which is only for paying guests. 

.the stanley hotel ghost pictures

The author had a nightmare that night. In the nightmare, he comes to see his young son being chased down the hotel’s long, empty corridors by a predator who is possessed by a fire hose. His Nightmare has made him wake drenched in sweat and then step to the balcony to smoke a cigarette. His Nightmare became the inspiration for his third novel, and first best-seller, “The Shining“.

What are the benefits of Stanley Hotel after publishing ‘The Shining’?

It gives a major change in the Hotel’s Business as many of the tourists from every part of the world comes to see this Hotel. And even it got more popularity after the film adaptation of The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick and featuring Jack Nicholson..the stanley hotel ghost pictures This movie becomes one of the scariest ever made and it was played nonstop on a designated channel at the upscale hotel 90 minutes northwest of Denver.

.the stanley hotel ghost pictures

Historic hotel’s history

It is assumed that there is the ghost of entrepreneur and inventor F.O. Stanley, co-founder of the Stanley Motor Carriage Co. Many people have reported that they have seen his ghost checking at the reception desk while some say they have seen the phantom of the late Flora Stanley who was a pianist as sometimes can be heard tickling the ivories in the empty music room.

.the stanley hotel ghost pictures

The strange things are reported by the customers that are

  1. shadowy figures
  2.  odd laughter
  3. flaring lights
  4. items shifting on their own

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