Laura Prepon Married To Chris Masterson Everything You need To Know

Most of us loved ‘That ’70s Show. Everyone loved the Donna Pinciotti character played by Laura Prepon. During that period, fans loved to make assumptions that she may be dating any of the co-stars and it turns out to be Chris Masterson. There we are going to get details regarding it.

Who is Laura Prepon?

Laura is a great American actress who got fame for her role in the Fox sitcom That ’70s Show (1998–2006) as Donna Pinciotti. 

.laura prepon married to chris masterson

She had started her career initially by appearing in plays like A Woman of Property and Ascension Day while in New York. Later in 1996, we came to see her on a Levi Strauss-developed show named They Go On.

One of the memorable roles she played was as Donna Pinciotti on the Fox sitcom That ’70s Show. In it, she played the role of the girlfriend and next-door neighbour of Eric Forman which was played by Topher Grace. For her role in That ’70s Show, she got Teen Choice Award in 2002. 

laura prepon married to chris masterson

She has worked in the college comedy Slackers (2002). Her film debut was in Steve Hanft’s musical comedy-drama Southlander. In 2004 we saw her work on an independent drama film called  The Pornographer: A Love Story which talks about the story of an obsessional affair between a director and an actress. In 2004, we also saw her making a cameo voice appearance as a United Nations Space Command marine in Halo 2.

.laura prepon married to chris masterson

Who is Chris Masterson?

He is a well known American actor and DJ. The role that got him was the role of Francis, Malcolm’s eldest brother on Malcolm in the Middle.

.laura prepon married to chris masterson

We have also seen him as Geoff in the direct-to-video movie Dragonheart: A New Beginning. He is also seen as Edward Linton in MTV’s Wuthering Heights

Movies in which he got lead characters are

  1. Scary Movie 2
  2.  Waterborne
  3. Made for Each Other
  4. Intellectual Property

We see him with his brother Danny as a cast member of That ’70s Show.  He also made a guest appearance as Josh Roland in the USA Network television series White Collar. We also see him playing the role of Scotty O’Neal in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Their relationship 

Many fans assume that Laura had a relationship with the Topher Grace in That ’70s Show. But it turns out to be wrong, but she did date someone from the cast of That ’70s Show. She is currently happily married to Ben Foster in 2008 and has two kids.

.laura prepon married to chris masterson

And guess what it turns out to be Danny’s brother. They had a long term relationship from 1999 to 2007 which initially tells us that it was during the span of Chris’s three episodes on the show. Chris married actress Yolanda Pecoraro on June 25, 2019, and it leads to the birth of a baby girl in 2021.

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