The most popular apps 2022

The programme with the abbreviation app, which is written application, became more and more important due to mobile devices. 

Small programmes have the advantage that they can be opened on the mobile device at the touch of a button. This means that even small children can use games on their smartphones or tablets. Adults use banking apps to make everyday life easier or try out a new online casino for entertainment. Many online casinos have crash-proof apps developed so that players can also use the familiar gambling offer at any time while on the move.

While computer programmes have been around for a long time, the first apps appeared in 2008. The popular company Apple had the first of the popular little applications created for its iPhones. Other manufacturers also introduced their first apps a little later. Therefore, the programmes can now be used with almost any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. Some of the mobile apps were downloaded strikingly often in 2022. These were characterised by great utility and increased entertainment value.

Social Media Platforms


Young people under the age of 20 in particular use the new TikTok app. The Chinese platform was only founded in September 2016 and can be accessed via Android and iOS. Through this social media app, users can upload videos they have made themselves and, if they wish, have them accompanied by music from well-known film scenes or the top hits from the charts. More and more creative short videos are found.

Since the videos are shared with other users, TikTok is also a social network. Initially, the app was especially popular in Asian countries and in China. Around 14 percent of Chinese smartphone owners have installed the TikTok app.


The social network Instagram, which has its focus on photo and video sharing, is similarly popular. Users of the app edit their photos or videos and apply filters to them that are exclusive to Instagram.

In 2010, there were already one million registered users on the platform. The growth in the following years was rapid. According to statistics, there are now over 500 million active users who act there daily. To access the website more quickly, users download the Instagram app.


Facebook is also known as a popular social network. It is now used more by older people aged 35 and over. The number of registered 20- to 30-year-old users has declined as they switch to TikTok and Instagram. As a result, the number of new installations of the Facebook app has declined somewhat.

Payment services


Among the payment service providers on the internet, Paypal is still considered one of the most popular. The new PayPal app enables contactless payment and for this reason has been installed very often in the current year. Private individuals can send funds to each other just as well as to business owners.

Since NFC-enabled mobile phones are now available from all manufacturers, transactions can also be made in the supermarket.

Own banking app

Many customers who have an account at a banking institution also have a banking app on their smartphone. This allows users to check their account balance at any time. Transfers can also be made through the app’s service, saving users the trip to the bank.


E-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill are becoming increasingly popular. The digital wallets are popular because transactions can be carried out in real time. Moreover, the banking institution does not see what the money was spent on. E-wallets are used especially for gaming software or for online gambling. To carry out transactions quickly and easily, more and more users are downloading the corresponding app.

Entertainment software

Gaming apps

In the meantime, there is an unmanageable range of games that can be installed for free or for a fee via app. Almost every smartphone owner has one or more app games installed. Adults play games of skill or brain games and children install painting programmes or educational games.

Entertainment platform apps

Sports bets can be made or games of chance can be used via the internet. Many bookmakers and online casinos have designed their sites for mobile use. An app is also often made available for download. Many users of sports betting or online gambling portals have therefore installed the corresponding apps, which are mainly offered by new internet casinos.


Zoom Cloud Meetings 

This app is particularly suitable for business meetings. Therefore, it is mainly used by companies and managers. A moderator has the option of splitting the screen. The entire screen or only certain programmes can be displayed. Other features such as a whiteboard are particularly practical for meetings, the app is handy for spreading business news. This is why the app is one of the most downloaded programmes worldwide in 2022.


The free messenger is the most popular service worldwide. Since 2021, the app has belonged to the “billionaires club”. Only small programmes that have been downloaded over one billion times belong to this club. A short time later, it was announced that WhatsApp had reached another milestone, as two billion users were already known. Worldwide, every fourth person now uses this messenger service.

Facebook Messenger

The Messenger is just as popular as the platform itself and is installed so that Facebook users can also exchange messages directly. Those who have not downloaded the app cannot receive messages via their Facebook account.


In the beginning, WeChat was a pure chat service that originated in China. Over time, however, the app has been expanded to include many other functions. Users can now use the WeChat Pay service and other features. Most users are based in China, but the service is also becoming increasingly popular in other countries.



The online store is one of the most popular and therefore it is not surprising that the app has been installed in large numbers. Shopping is even easier and faster.


Offers can be tracked and bought on Ebay via the app. Since many users search for items on the platform every day, the app is one of the most popular in Europe.

Delivery services

To have food delivered to their homes, customers rarely call the operator in person. In the meantime, the order is conveniently placed online. Many of the delivery services offer apps so that hungry customers can order even more easily and quickly.

News, email, weather and calendar

These practical apps are usually pre-installed on many smartphones. After location sharing is accepted, users will find news specific to their interests. The weather can also be checked via the app at any time. Notes can be made in the calendar, so it is often converted into an appointment calendar. Email apps are also often downloaded. New emails are immediately displayed on the smartphone and can be answered directly.

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