When you walk through the gates of one of the big casinos, you literally feel the adrenaline in your veins. Gambling has been a hobby for many people for decades, but in the meantime it is no longer absolutely necessary to go to the casino. You can also find many opportunities online to win money in a relaxed way at roulette and the like. Often you can even claim a casino bonus no deposit and then try out to your heart’s content.

But if you want a very special evening, whether you are celebrating a stag party or a milestone birthday, we have the most important tips for you on how to make the casino evening on site a success.

Only play with money you can really afford to spend

In the casino you can generate nice winnings with luck at roulette, blackjack or at the slot machines. But it can also happen that you lose and this should not cost you your livelihood. Therefore, plan ahead and set yourself a limit that you really won’t exceed. When you go to the casino, always take into account that all the money you convert into chips can be completely lost. Once you have accepted this, you can play in a more relaxed manner and be all the more pleased even with a smaller win.

You have financial worries and are therefore thinking of visiting a casino? Don’t do it! The casino is not suitable as a source of income, but is merely for personal enjoyment. Every win is a beautiful affair and if luck is with you, you will leave with more money than you came in with. However, this is decided by Fortuna alone and in games of chance this cannot be influenced by you.

Watch first and then decide on a game

The classic games in the casino include poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. In addition, there are a lot of slot machines in the so-called “small game”, not infrequently even video-based poker, roulette or bingo. Before you sit down at a table, have a look at the other players. How do they react to winnings, what stakes do you place and how does the game work?

Before visiting the casino, it is best to find out online what the rules of the individual games are and which games are offered in the house you have chosen. This way, you already have some knowledge that will definitely make it easier for you to get started.

Particular caution is required with roulette, because this fast-paced game of chance has both American and French options. French roulette is played with only one zero, whereas American roulette brings “double zero”. The payout and win rates are therefore higher in the French variant, which is why it is more popular with most players.

Tip – polite customers do this

Tip? That’s what the waiter in the restaurant or the taxi driver gets. It is also quite common in the casino to tip the staff, and this doesn’t just start with the croupier. At the cloakroom, when jackets are kept, a small tip for the staff is standard. Even at the game itself, the croupier receives a tip, at least in the event of a win, which can be given in the form of tokens. If you enjoy a cool drink at the bar, a small gift is also due for the staff.

Don’t overdo it with the tip. Some novice gamblers tend to tip every time they sit down at the table. In the end this will cost you dearly and you will end up handing out more chips out of niceness than you have actually wagered. A jeton as a tip is quite sufficient, it is not about the croupier enriching himself, but about a nice gesture, because after all he is coordinating the whole game.

Choose the right look – casual wear is undesirable

Unlike in online casinos, you cannot simply take a seat at the table in your pyjamas in the classic casino. The atmosphere there is characterised by an elegantly furnished establishment and by the guests’ sense of style. In many international houses, male visitors are required to wear a jacket. Classical dress codes are rarely prescribed today. Male visitors are expected to wear a tie and jacket as well as long trousers. Open-toed shoes are also not desired.

Women, on the other hand, are well dressed in an elegant evening dress or tight-fitting trousers with a matching blouse. Stilettos or high heels don’t matter, only trainers are not welcome in the casino. If you come to the casino without suitable clothing, you can often borrow a garment from the cloakroom.

Things are less formal in the slot machine area, insofar as the casino separates these two areas from each other. For slot games, clothing can be a little more casual, but open-toed shoes are also not welcome. In any case, it is worthwhile to check the casino’s website beforehand to find out what clothing is welcome.

Going to the casino with a system is an avoidable mistake

Many beginners seek out the casino in the belief that they have found the perfect concept to win the game of chance. Whether the James Bond method or the Martingale system – none of it really works and certainly not permanently, because then all the casinos in the world would have gone out of business long ago. Yet books on this subject are a real bestseller and many a person has already thought that he can build up his entire fortune for the rest of his life in one evening at the casino.

There are de facto no systems in the world with which permanently secure winnings can be generated. The only way to prepare for a visit to the casino is to know the rules of the game as well as possible. If you lose at blackjack due to carelessness or ignorance, it is annoying. On the other hand, if you lose due to bad luck, this is common and should not affect you.

Conclusion: Fun is the top priority at the casino

The joy of gambling brings people together in international playhouses. If you are participating for the first time, information in advance is the key. You can also practice in online casinos so that you get to know the rules of different games. If you now also adhere to the etiquette and customs of the house, nothing will stand in the way of an exciting evening. Remember: silent joy is the best! If you win, loud cheers are inappropriate and not welcome in the casino.


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