Thailandqm com has been created to help you understand its purpose and how it assists in collecting COVID-19 information.

Are you familiar with automate reports? In 2020, manual registration began for individuals, households, as well as international travelers. The government Thailand required that each village head approve all information submitted to it by travelers and local citizens.

International visitors and local travelers need to present a 13-digit ID number to the village head to travel to various locations including Bangkok, Nonthaburi Province and Pathum Thani Province. Let’s look at Thailandqm com.

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Sub-district officers headed the manual reporting, and then the District chief. The village head had to report the manual data by 3:00pm on a daily basis. Manual data registration starts at 6:00 PM at the beginning.

At the district level, data were further compiled at 4:00 PM. It was useful in preparing the dashboard and tracking COVID-19 patients., a government website that records data about COVID-19 case information, was launched in May. To access this data, sub-district officials as well as the District chief can log in to . launched at 11:12:30 on February 21, 2022 and was last modified at 03:19.22 on March 10, 2022.’s goal is to automate data compilation and reports preparation, as well as to give people 24/7 access for registering their 13-digit ID before traveling.

It is very easy to register. First, the traveler must access Next, they will need to enter the username and password that was provided by their sub-district Municipality. Logging in to Thailandqm com will require you to enter 13 digits identification numbers, Name, Surname and telephone number. You can also select a village/community. After that, you will complete your registration.

The website can be registered for only one year until 21 February 2023 at 11:00 PM. You can also log in for your information.’s customer service team can be reached on the LINE App @thaiqm as well as on the following phone numbers.

The North region:

  • 095-364-6329
  • 095-364-6349
  • 095-364-6526

The Central Region:

  • 095-364-6529
  • 095-364-6965
  • 095-364-6978

The Northeast Region:

  • 084-220-7812
  • 084-220-8032
  • 095-364-6320

The Southern Region:

Thaiqm com Features: received significant traffic from Thailand. It was ranked 5,167.024 on Alexa. Its server is in Bangkok. has an IP address of This website also holds a valid SSL certification. however uses HTTP protocol. has a terrible 1% trust score. It also ranks 27.5% in the business rankings. has high suspicion and threat profiles.


It will take some time to improve its TrustRank business and Alexa ratings. assists in reporting COVID-19 data. On the 4th of April, 96.313 COVID cases were confirmed and 373 deaths were reported. Up to 3rd April, a total 129.944,482 vaccinations were given. could be considered a legitimate website and is supported by Department of Information, Internal Ministry of Administration.

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