Two Person Snuggie: The Official blanket with Sleeves

If you’re wondering what a Snuggie is or haven’t seen one yet, A snuggie is a Blanket-with-sleeves, usually made of fleece or nylon material. It looks like a bathrobe that is supposed to be worn backwards.

These came out back in 2008  as a genuine device for keeping people warm, (which it did) and more than 30 million of them have been sold since then.

Cultural Background

Back in 2008-2009, the snuggie was humorously referred to as a cult after it became a pop culture phenomenon. It gained this popularity after the airing of a direct response commercial that advertised and promoted the product.

Two Person Snuggie: The Official blanket with Sleeves


Even though it gained quite a lot fo popularity, the Snuggie wasn’t the first blanket with sleeves. The position for the first blanket with sleeves is occupied by “Slanket”, invented by Gary Clegg in 1998 in a dorm room in University of Maine. During interviews, Clegg has said that the Snuggie is a cheap knock off of the Slanket and undermines the integrity of his product.

When asked during interviews, the inventor of the Snuggie admitted that he hadn’t predicted the enormous and immediate success of the Snuggie and that the company had tested a total of 80 products that year. The snuggie, apart from seeling like hot cakes, helped boost sales of the its Competitors, like the Slanket, as well. Between 2008 and 2009 the makers of the Slanket more than doubled their profits—from $4.2 million in 2008 to an estimated $9 million in 2009 and Clegg admits that this happened due to the Snuggie commercial that “raised general awareness about the product”.

Boilen, the creator of the Snuggie has revealed that the goal of the commercial was not to prompt sales of the product but to raise general awareness so that major retailers like Wal-Mart place orders in bulk. But the sheer ridiculousness of the commercial gained attention quite quickly and brought awareness to the product, which quickly translated into sales.

Watch the Snuggie commercial here-

Two person SNUGGIE

The market has witnessed several variations of the Snuggie, one of them being the Two person Snuggie that comes with not one or two, but three sleeves. There are different fitting options that couples could use. This version is perfect for couples to cozy up on the couch, watch movies, sit outside and stargaze and so on.

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