This write-up will answer your questions about the Ride Clutch Scam regarding an online platform that handles motorbike raffles and purchases.

Are you a passionate biker? Are you hoping to get valuable presents via websites? Are you in doubt over whether you should trust these websites? If so, go through this article to find out more about an online giveaway portal.

The article today has discussed an online store that deals with giveaways. People from all over the world including those from the United States, are keen to confirm the legitimacy of the store. We ask that you keep reading to eliminate any doubts you have about the Ride Clutch Scam.

Is Ride Clutch Legit?

Take a look at the following details to verify the authenticity of this site. We’ve jotted down these details from our extensive research on the Net.

  • Website Age Website Age This platform is five years old and two months old. The date of the creation of this website was 19 February 2017.
  • Portal Trust Score –86 percent, which is within the Good Trust Score classification. The trust of customers has been built on this site for its products and services since the beginning.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews We discovered a few products on this site with unbiased Ride Clutch Reviews. Some customers were raving about the products for their quality, while a few complain about delays in delivery. There are testimonials on the homepage. Some review websites on the Web also include this site.
  • Social Media LinksThe website is linked to its pages in social media on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Contact InformationThe contact information is associated with an commercial structure, however this Internet does not list the name of this site against it. Additionally, there’s no phone number for the customer service team.

The information provided above indicates that the possibility that this site is trustworthy. We cannot however provide any assurances regarding the Ride Clutch Scam and ask our customers to conduct additional investigation.

What is Ride Clutch?

Ride Clutch is an online marketplace which sells clothing and accessories that are related to biking. These include t-shirts, caps, keychains, etc. Customers earn entry points for their purchases, which allows them to are eligible to win motorbikes. The website currently is offering 20 entries at a cost of $1.


  • Portal Type Portal Type An online store that offers motorbikes when you purchase clothing, accessories, and other items.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address –1350, S. Longmore Unit No. 26, Mesa, AZ-85202
  • Telephone Number –Unavailable. In relation to the Ride Clutch Scam This information could affect your views.
  • E-mail Id – [email protected]
  • Filtering Method –Present
  • Sorting Option –Provided
  • Shipping Information Shipping Details Standard shipping time is 3 to five days. Shipping costs include $6.95 for orders less than $100, and zero for orders above the threshold.
  • Details on Returns and RefundsThe website is not able to accept refunds or returns since the entries are sent immediately upon purchase.
  • Price of Products –Mentioned in USD.
  • Payment Methods:PayPal credit cards of Visa, Discover, MasterCard as well as American Express.
  • Social Media Linking –Linked
  • Terms of Usage –Present
  • Privacy Policy –Available

Pros Confirming Ride Clutch Scam or Not

  • The site contains the legal language in its policy.
  • The team has clearly made reference to the descriptions of the products.
  • Its social media profiles of this platform are current.
  • Customers can trust this website since it’s authentic and has real reviews.


  • There isn’t a contact number on this site. In addition, the contact information does not include the site’s URL in the Internet.
  • The team hasn’t shared details about payment methods on the main page. We were required the task of adding an item our cart to get the information.

Ride Clutch Reviews

There are mixed reviews of this website on prominent review forums. One reviewer states that the website is a scam. The negative reviews of Ride Clutch tend to be focused on the lack of delivery of goods and the poor customer service. However another forum claims that the website as legitimate. Furthermore, the feedback from customers on the website in question is not biased, but mixed. Therefore, we were unable to verify the authenticity of the website by relying on the reviews. We recommend that you read the Simple and Easy methods of refunds through PayPal for you to ensure that you are secure.


Based on the mixed reviews regarding this site There is no way to make a definitive statement the truth the Ride Clutch Scam. We advise customers to read more reviews prior to purchasing through this website. Additionally, you should know the steps to receive an Full Refund in the event of a fraudulent credit cards to avoid being a victim.


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