Is New Profile Pic App Safe Legit Data of New Profile Pic App:

Is the New Profile App Safe? Pic App Secure? has been discussing media reports which assert that New Profile App to be an Scam.

Are you concerned about the possibility that the profile photo app you downloaded may have hacked your personal information? The app gained popularity across the globe for its amazing pictures to display your social media profile.

Rumors about this app have spread across the internet and many are questioning its security. There are reports that it has connections to some part of the Russian government, while other claim it is stealing personal information. To learn more about this app’s legitimacy, read, Is New Profile Pic App Secure to the close.

Does this app Send Pictures to Kremlin?

The initial charge against this app is made by a well-known newspaper saying that it has sent photos to Kremlin. The daily utilized an address for Moscow within its registration form to identify this accusation against the app.

A few media outlets have attempted to seek clarification from the company that makes the app on this issue. They have denied the claim and claimed they believe that Linerock was registered in the British Virgin Island. According to the officials their address in Moscow River mentioned by the newspaper is that of the lawyer for Linerock. They have denied that the company has an offices in Moscow.

Is New Profile Pic App a Scam?

The other story through the press is the company is fraudsters with its funds. According to some news reports, it debited the user’s account to pay subscription fees that the user did not want.

A few people have claimed that their bank accounts were robbed of money. was taken from their accounts when they downloaded this application. According to some reports the executive of the company did not believe this and claimed that their service is completely free and that the receipt in the screenshot isn’t from their company.

The company said that some people have downloaded an apps that is similar to Profile Pic App from the Play Store. Is the new Profile Pic App A Scam? discovered nothing significant to indicate that this app is fraudulent.

Legit Data of New Profile Pic App:

Certain authentic information regarding the app can assist users in verifying the legitimacy and authenticity Profile Pic application. We’ve provided a few basic details about it.

  • It’s been downloaded more than a million times.
  • It’s rated 4.3 on the Play store from more than 24,000 user reviews.
  • Its website is a confidence index that is 100.
  • There are no reviews that have complained about this app the theft of funds out of their bank accounts.

Is New Profile Pic App Safe?

The majority of the legitimate data is positive but there isn’t any evidence to support the claims that the app is a fraud. A few media companies have called the user to verify the claim of money missing in the account of the financial institution.

The allegations of stealing personal information is based upon the app’s asking questions to be used on the smartphone, and these are the questions that are that are asked by the majority of apps.

Note:All information is based upon Internet research.

Last verdict

We did not find any evidence that would identify this app as an enigma, and any stories that are being circulated in the media could be just rumors. So, Does the New Face Pic app safe? is a belief that users could utilize this application to create impressive photos of themselves. People can discuss their opinions about this application in the comments section.

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