Razer has recently unraveled their Hazel project which will introduce N95 masks that are reusable, transparent, with disc-type ventilators, Chroma RGB lighting, and voice projection. The company has worked rigorously during the Pandemic providing will quality masks and now they’re here with the World’s smartest masks.

The company claimed that since it’s the new normal masks have become an essential part of our lifestyles and we need something sustainable thus, they’ve made this new mask with all the necessary qualities. Initially it was marketed as gamer’s masks but then it was evident that it’s a necessity and thus, was generalised.

RGB Concept Razor Mask

RBG concept mask release and price

Features of the mask:

  • The mask is going to be surgical N95 mask with ventilator that filters the bacteria from the air while you breath and also prevents the build up of carbon dioxide in the mask as you exhale, it protects from all kinds of exposure.Also the ventilator has a chroma RGB lighting that glows automatically when it gets dark.
  • Razor Voiceamp technology the mask has a built in mic and amplifier will ensure as to when the person wearing the mask speaks the voice is clear and not muffled unlike how it’s in other masks.
  • Waterproof and Scratch resistance, the mask will be quite durable as it has both the qualities, also It is made using recyclable plastic it perfectly sustainable and worth investing.
  • Transparent and comfortable the mask is made transparent so that while communicating the other can easily make out your expressions while talking making it easier to communicate also the mask is made of silicone which prevents air to come in and to not stick to your mouth making it super convenient to wear.

RBG concept mask release and price

Release date and price:

The mask reveal was done in 2021 but no official release has yet announced and the pricing has also not been revealed by the developers. Although the mask seems quite promising and with this technology the production is also a task but the company has confirmed the production has begun. Price may be quite high given all the tech it’s providing but nothing has yet been confirmed.

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