Record of Ragnarok Chapter 51: Manga Series Release Date | Spoilers | Latest Updates!!

In this epic war between gods and humanity, not a single round will be dull. There is no such thing as a one-sided struggle. The unknown contender Hajun has proven to be a complete lunatic, and of  Record of Ragnarok Chapter 51 will reveal whether Buddha can keep up with this new, deadlier foe.

Round 6 has proven to be the most unusual duel to date. While it was entertaining to see Buddha and Zerofuku fight, there was no real threat. Buddha was always capable of dealing with anything Zero threw at him. The match has now taken a complete 180-degree turn. Hajun has evolved from Zero, who never presented a danger. And Buddha has gotten the short end of the stick this time. #recordofragnarok

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 51 Release Date

The raw scans of the Record of Ragnarok Chapter 51 can be expected in the upcoming issue of Monthly Comic Zenon around August 25, 2021, as it is a monthly series published in Monthly Comic Zenon.

record of ragnarok chapter 51

This series is quite popular among fans. Scanlators will not spend any time getting to work on the translation. The English translation of the manga will be released on August 31, 2021. You’ll have to look up the chapter on Google.

 Record of Ragnarok Chapter 51 Spoilers

In comparison to Hajun’s nasty smile, Zerofuku’s malevolent smile appears to be a hearty chuckle. Whatever it is, the being emanates a terror and detest like no one else.

record of ragnarok chapter 51

Only Zeus’ distorted expressions come close, yet even they don’t elicit the same level of horror. Hajun’s powers will be revealed in further detail in Chapter 51 of the Ragnarok Chronicles.

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