Black Clover Chapter 306 is the newest chapter of the manga series it revolves around Yuno, who asks Langris to buy him three minutes and Zeno becomes the Devil. He has got the wings popped out from behind his back and full-on evil mode. Yuno looks up to ways to defeat Zeno and the chapter continues, so stay tuned to know further.


About Black Clover Chapter 306

In Chapter 306, the Black Clover The Golden Dawn Lieutenant Vs. Zeno’s High Devil Host begins. The manga series is returned as Black Clover postponed the previous chapter but is now accessible. Black Clover took the best part in the battle between the Devils and Knights in the Kingdom of Spades previously.

Since the recent chapter of the Black Clover, people like Asta have always looked after Megicula and Dante and Zeno VS Langris and Yuno begins the show surprisingly.

Langrish must battle with Zeno in order for Yuno to gain more mana power and finish the devil, Zeno with one shot. Zeno got exhausted by fighting, then Yuno took advantage of it and used the Wind strike to defeat him.

Release Date: Black Clover Chapter 306

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