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We are happy to share with you the story of Tommy Hilfiger, his wife, and their lives. Dear Readers, have you heard of Dee Hilfiger, fashion designer-cum-entrepreneur, and the present wife of Tommy Hilfiger?

Dee Ocleppo got divorced from Gianni Ocleppo, her ex-husband, in 2003. She then married Tommy Hilfiger who has a net worth $450 million. Tommy Hilfiger Wife, Tommy Hilfiger, and Tommy Hilfiger were popular in Palm Beach House.

Brief about Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a 71 years old businessman and fashion designer. In 1980, he married Susie Cirona. After spending many years together, the former couple decided that they would part ways in 2000. Tommy married Dee Ocleppo in 2000, his ex-wife and former tennis player.

He owned the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, which is a highly rated brand. According to media reports his net worth is $450 Million.

Tommy Hilfiger Children

Tommy Hilfiger has five children. Tommy and Susie are the parents of four children, Ally (his ex-wife), Kathleen (his husband), and Elizabeth (his wife). Ally, a 37-year-old married to Steve Hash. Richard is 32 years old and a musician.

Tommy and Dee have a baby boy, Sebastian Thomas Hilfiger. Sebastian was born on August 4, 2009. He is now thirteen years old. Dee also shares two sons with her husband. One of their sons is a professional player in tennis, like his father. Julian is his name. He is now 25 years old. Alex, Alex’s elder brother and a horse-riding enthusiast, is not in the limelight.

How Old Is Tommy Hilfiger Wife?

Tommy Hilfiger was married to his wife on November 24, 1966. Tommy’s 55-year old wife showed the House, which was covered in the September edition of a magazine. According to the media sources, he sold the majority shares of his company to the investors in 1989.

The company’s remaining shares and company were sold by Apax Partners to $1.6 Billions in 2006. In 2010, Phillips-Van Heusen bought the company from Apax Partners to $3 Billillion. With the money earned by the couple, the house and all other possessions were taken. They are happy and Tommy Hilfiger Kid are living their lives.


Q.1 Dee Ocleppo’s networth?

A.1 Dee Ocleppo has a net worth greater than $1.5 Million.

Q.2 How does Tommy Hilfiger’s wife earn her income?

A.2 Fashion design is Dee Ocleoppo’s major source of income.


Dee Ocleppo (wife of Tommy Hilfiger) showed the Palm Beach house to Architectural Digest’s open doors video series and magazine. For more information about Tommy Hilfiger Net Wealth 2022, see his wife. You can click the following link Hilfiger Widow .

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