Read Manga Online Fire Force Chapter 279 Release Date, Raw And Everything You Need to Know

Fire Force also known as Enen No Shouboutai, is a Japanese manhwa series. As the name suggests people of Tokyo are terribly killed and burning in flames. The team i.e., Fire Force decides to take action regarding the issue.

Shirna, emerges as a new member of the team. He is incredible and has unique powers. We will share everything regarding Fire Force Chapter 279 regarding its release date and where you can read it free of cost on online platforms.

A Glimpse of the Manga:

Recap: Fire Force Chapter 278

The excessive event has happened as 50 years of interval and called ‘Great Cataclysm.’ There are only rare places to live. The people went to Tokyo but are turning into ashes. Will they be alive in Tokyo? The answers will soon release in the succeeding chapter.

The story of life and Shinra comes as a God to save them all. He and his aptitude is far beyond a normal creature. His mother and brother too died.

Release Date: Fire Force Chapter 279

The wait is over !! It is just 5 days away from us. Fire Force Chapter 279 will be releasing soon i.e. on 16 August 2021 and tell us about what is currently happening in Tokyo?

Where to Read Online?

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