What is Riptide in Minecraft: How to Get Riptide in 4 Steps

Minecraft is a video game developed by Mojang studios. In this Article we are going to know about Riptide in Minecraft. The players can build many structures, creations and artwork on multiplayer servers,  Minecraft has got more than 131 million active users, and has finished selling more than 217 million copies of the game world wide. This makes the game, one of the most best selling game of all the times.

What is Riptide In Minecraft

Riptide In Minecraft is a magic like thing. This is applicable to tridents, which gets dropped by the mob. The main aim of this trident are travel and offense. This was added in the 1.4 beta version of Bedrock and 1.13 version of Java.

What is Riptide in Minecraft: How to Get Riptide in 4 Steps

How to use Riptide in Minecraft

  • The tridents are big aquatic weapons, and their purpose is travel and fight. This enchantment helps to travel more quickly through water.
  • If the player is under the water, their rate of travel is 3 +( level* 4), and if the player is in rain or snow, the rate increases to 3 + (level *6) .
  • This rule is applicable to upward distances. This makes it easier to climb a steep mountain at a easier pace.
  • If a player is using a trident with riptide, it can achieve great victory. If a trident hits a player or mob, they experience damage. In the Bedrock edition of the game, multiple targets can be damaged using tridents enchanted with riptide.
  • If this trident is put into a dispenser, it cannot damage the multiple targets, but flies ten times faster.

How can you get a Trident in Minecraft

  • The player must have a trident, for getting a riptide enchantment.
  • If you have to get a trident in Minecraft, the player must have to kill a Drowned. The drop rate is almost about 8.5%.
  • During this conflict, an unenchanted trident will have to deal with two or more hearts worth of damage. If a trident without enchants,is thrown and it hits a mob or another player,, it will damage four hearts.
  • Tridents are one of the most neat editions, that came along with aquatic update in Minecraft.

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