In Dr Stone Chapter 219, Senku is all set to meet the Why Man. He will finally board the rocket and launch towards the moon. In the story so far Senku has managed to connect the world with a successful internet connection. Now he will be able to connect the brilliant minds of the planet and get the one who will get to the moon with him in the outing. Only the process of recruitment remains.

Recap Of Dr. Stone Chapter 218

In chapter 218, It starts with the task of building medusa. Chrome suggested making a return rocket than Senku joined and said they will prepare an internet connection using Tochu tea for the planet and get people to go with him if they were selected. Now Tochu tea as explained by Senku says that Tea has fibre which will help them create internet connections all over the globe, and it worked soon they set up internet connection across the globe.

However, they were still struggling with sharing files with engineers around the world Senku’s idea introduced e-paper. So later engineers around the globe helped make rocket faster. So in the end the Why-man was to be  found. later Ryusui was volunteered in.

Dr. Stone Chapter 219: Release Date & Plot

Dr. Stone Chapter 219 Plot And Release Date

The makers of this Anime are known for being the most short-form releasers of the plot. It was already clear that the mission was to go to the moon and the last stages of the mission were underway rocket is been made and its only job was to find the right candidate to go with Senku. In guidelines, it was mentioned that the candidate must be 4ft 5inches in height. For which Tsukasa is eliminated. Ryusui is volunteering for the mission which makes him the most expected to be going with senku. Another contesting is Kohaku.

The release is tomorrow 21st November 2021. you can watch it on can also find it on weekly shonen jump. The site might be down for some time for huge traffic as the show is popular. Happy reading and enjoy discussing with friends.

Dr. Stone Chapter 219: Release Date & Plot

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