The Wolf Among us 2 Trailer, How to Play this Amazing Adventurous & Graphics Game

The Wolf  Among Us 2 is an adventurous , graphic game, which is a sequel to The Wolf Among Us. When the first season was completed, the production company Telltale Games was interested in making a second season due to the popularity of the game. The game was set to premiere in 2018 for personal computers, mobile devices and consoles.

The Wolf Among us 2 Trailer, How to Play this Amazing Adventurous & Graphics Game

But due to some internal studio issues, Telltale Games had to lay off the studio’s staff and had to stop the production of many of its titles. But, later it was renewed by LCG Entertainment. The new administration announced that  Wolf Among US2 had restarted production. The Wolf Among Us2 was announced at Games Award 2019.  The game is developed in association with AdHoc studio. The sequel will have the events after the first season.

Emerson Johnson will be composing the music. The game is developed on the Unreal engine. The sequel is going to be developed completely from scratch.

A Telltale spokesperson declared that , they are developing the entire season and there is more to do, before they can show what is next. He also told that, when the right time comes, they will talk a lot about it.  The development is completely done from the scratch, so we cannot say when the release will be done.

The Wolf Among us 2 Trailer

The  trailer is a short teaser of 47 seconds. But the fans has gone crazy over that. The neon lit, noir style made the fans nostalgic. LCG has also confirmed that the voice actors Adam Harrington and Erin Yvettee  will be coming back for Snow and Bigby.  Fans are very happy that the award winning old voice artists are coming back. The story of the game is based on Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham.

Where will the Game be available?

It is very interesting to hear that, the game is under production and we will be soon be able to hear about it. But on which platforms will the game be available? If you are using a PC, then Epic Games Store has to be downloaded.

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