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Would you like to be aware of Mr Monster? Might it be said that you are anxious to know why Mr Monster is moving? Assuming this is the case, read the article till the end. Mr Monster has been viral in Canada, Australia and the US because of his humanitarian work. He has turned into a gift to 1000 individuals.

If you likewise have any desire to be aware of Mr Monster Blind Video, read this article without interruption.

What Has Mr Monster Done?

A famous Youtuber Mr Monster has supported the waterfall medical procedure of 1000 individuals who couldn’t manage the cost of their medical procedures. Also, he has gotten a sense of ownership with the medical procedures of those individuals who were completely or somewhat blind because of the waterfall. The genuine name of Mr Monster is Jimmy Donaldson. At the point when he reported the news that he was restoring huge number of individuals, his video arrived at 32 million perspectives. The video became Viral On Reddit and furthermore on different stages.

Video of Mr Monster

The video shows the patients when the medical procedure. The patients had the option to obviously see. Mr Monster likewise gave cash and different gifts to the patients. The video likewise showed the responses of patients. A specialist Jeff Levenson was engaged with Donaldson and played out the main round of a medical procedure in Florida. Levenson facilitated a program called ‘Endowment of Sight’ for north of 20 years. This program is connected with giving waterfall medical procedure liberated from cost to uninsured patients.

Viral on Tiktok

The video of Mr Monster became viral on every one of the virtual entertainment stages, including Tiktok. Individuals are additionally appreciating his drive. The connection of the video spread to any remaining stages. Individuals are more intrigued to be familiar with the video. Individuals are additionally appreciating the work of the specialist Jeff Levenson. In the video, Levenson says that portion of all visually impaired individuals just need 10 minutes of medical procedure. Levenson got enlivened to assist individuals with waterfall medical procedure after his waterfall medical procedure. The video likewise became viral on Instagram. Levenson further expressed that he had the option to understand the excellence of this world after his waterfall medical procedure. He was astonished that countless individuals couldn’t see.

How Did Levenson Help?

Levenson knew nothing about Mr Monster when he got a call from his group. In any case, he approached to help individuals alongside Donaldson. Mr Levenson carried out 40 procedures in a solitary day. He began at 7 a.m. also, finished at 6 p.m. Levenson has additionally become well known in the Youtube video. Levenson expressed that patients could hardly imagine how somebody would approach to make them liberated from visual impairment. Levenson was the Central Clinical Official interfacing Donaldson’s group to SEE Worldwide. This non-benefit association gives free eye care all over the planet to the people who are out of luck. The association assisted with finishing 1000 medical procedures in three weeks or less. Patients from different nations got the consideration. These patients are from Jamaica, Honduras, Namibia, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil and Kenya. The connection to the video additionally became viral on Wire.


Individuals value the endeavors of Donaldson and Levenson for investing their amounts of energy into such a genuine goal. They have accomplished extraordinary work. Others will likewise get motivation to help poor people. To know more, kindly visit the connection.


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