Martha Patterson Age Everything You Need To Know

The legend Martha Patterson died at the age of 72 on July 10, 1901. The honorable woman displayed amazing traits of passion, dedication and hardwork towards her work. Sadly, after 72 years of dedication we had to bid farewell to her.

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Early Life

Martha Johnson Patterson, born on October 25, 1828 in Tennessee was the first child of the 17th President of United States Andrew Johnson and Eliza McCardle. She is well praised for serving as the White House hostess during Andrew Jonson’s administration. She also directed the restoration of the White House following the American Civil War.

Martha Patterson Age

She attended a local school in the same area and attended the Miss L.S. English’s Female Seminary in Georgetown and spent time at the White house during the term of James K. Polk.

Personal Life

Martha Johnson Patterson got married to David T. Patterson who was a senator of United States from Tennessee on December 13, 1855. The couple gave birth to two beautiful children Andrew Johnson Patterson, named after his Grand Father and Mary Belle Patterson Landstreet.

When Eliza McCardle Johnson, fell ill Martha took responsibilities of the hostess. She became a popular figure and set a friendly and co-operative tone in the White House social functions. She bought two jersey cows to the  White house as a symbol of country girl.

Martha Patterson Age

During the Civil War, when the whole White House was dirty and broken with stained walls and tobacco juices and insects all over, Martha oversaw a $30,000 renovation introducing new wallpapers, slipcovered old furniture, muslin cloth to cover the carpets and make the White House look royal and prestige during the reception ceremony. Martha discovered presidential portraits of George P. A. Healy which were originally commissioned and framed them for display in the Transverse Hall.

Besides being at a lower post, she made all the efforts for White House to look royal and prestige everytime, not just live but also with the thoughts and ideas she introduced among the women during that time keeping in mind that women are the first and most important aspects of the society for imparting knowledge to the new comers.

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