Wedding is a very special day in everyone’s life. Every girl dreamt of their wedding to be a fairy tale wedding. And, bridesmaid plays a significant role in any wedding.


Bridesmaid is the bride’s best girls. On the wedding day, bride is surrounded by her bridesmaids. Brides are a bit choosy and demanding before their wedding. They need everything to be perfect. From their own look to their bridesmaids looks, they need everything to be perfect. But in the excitement, they did some mistakes which they regret in future.

Obnoxious Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid are supposed to look beautiful in the wedding. They are as important as bride and groom. They are brides best girls which surrounded bride in whole wedding time. But in some cases, we saw that bridesmaids looks awful due to their dresses and looks. Here are some of them:

1. Distasteful in Pink

This pink bridesmaid’s dress is tight from the top and puffy at the bottom. Which makes it looks weird. But bridesmaid’s had to wear this for the bride.

Obnoxious Bridesmaid Dress

2. Comical in Green

This green dress looks really comical on the bridesmaid. And the bridesmaid have to go with this look in a wedding. As she is the bridesmaid, she’ll gain some attention which might make her shy.

Obnoxious Bridesmaid Dress

3. Hideous in Red

Bridesmaid were supposed to look as beautiful as bride in any wedding. But here, the red dress looks hideous. It looks like the designer made a mistake while design this dress.

Obnoxious Bridesmaid Dress

4. Unpleasant in Golden

Golden colour is somehow stinging in eyes. And the shiny golden dress is least preferable to anyone. But this colour can also be someone’s favourite. Here the bridesmaids are seen wearing a golden dress. But the background and style make the photo looks good.

Obnoxious Bridesmaid Dress

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