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Kokoswap Crypto Could Have Made 1000 To 7.6 Cr In Last 4 Days

Kokoswap Crypto” you must have seen these words popping up in ever news channel and every social media platform in the last few days, right? This is because this cryptocurrency has seen a surge of 70000% in 24 hours on 10th November! If you have no idea what Kokoswap is and want to know everything about it and why has it been so trending recently then this article is for you.

What Is KokoSwap?

The NFTs (Non-fungible Token) have gained a lot of popularity over the last few moths and has fascinated both financial and mass media because of their adoption by some of the wealthiest investors. Now let us understand how NFTs and KokoSwap are related. KokoSwap is a platform which is decentralized and provides a lot of exciting features of NFT trades and also provides facilities like staking and swapping. It also provides arcade facility. It has also allowed users to invest and generate a high APY income stream.Kokoswap Crypto Could Have Made 1000 To 7.6 Cr In Last 4 Days

This decentralized platform has started to allow more users to sign in since its game changing migration from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain and has provided access to a large community of gamers in the Binance ecosystem. It was riding high on the NFT- gaming wave. Because of this a lot of game developers are turning to GameFi.

The main reason behind KokoSwap’s migration is because of the congestion issues and high gas fees  in Ethereum blockchain which have caused a gradual shift away from the network. Due to its slow transaction speed and high charges a number of projects have been shifting from Ethereum.

KokoSwap’s Jaw-Dropping Increase

As cryptocurrencies have became more widespread and mainstream, the crypto addicts have seen different and absurd trends. for example, Squid Game and Shiba Inu tokens have recently experienced huge swings. So has a little- known cryptocurrency, KokoSwap.KokoSwap Crypto Could Have Made 1000 To 7.6 Cr In Last 4 Days.

On 10th November, 2021 Kokoswap, a cryptocurrency saw an astounding 76,200 per cent rise in just a single day! It pumped from $0.009999 to $7.63 within 24 hours. But at 12.50 pm IST it declined again to $5.85, and boasted a market cap of $2 million. If it wouldn’t have declined it could have made 1000 to 7.6 Cr in the last 4 days.

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