Dark Soul 3 is a great example of a Critical and Commerical Successful action role-playing game. With a beautifully engaging story and great graphics is worth it to play at least once in our life. Here I am going to tell you about the best-curved swords in this game. 

What are Curved Swords?

It is a Dexterity based Weapon. It has amazing qualities like fast swing speed, decent damage and range, and excellent roll catching abilities. With the help of a curved sword, you can simply finish your fight. This wants we want right now. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry I will tell you which are the best-curved swords you can get in this game.

Dancer’s Enchanted Swords

It is one of the rarest weapons you will encounter in this game. It is so cool as it can cause three-way split damage by slashing, fire and magic.  You can’t defend this weapon. If you unleashed Dancer’s Grace which is the Devastating Weapon skill you can easily spin like a bladed tornado.

best curved sword dark souls 3

Crescent Moon Sword

This beautiful Sword as the name suggests it have moon-related magical powers. It can cause physical and magical damage. Its magical projectiles make it one of the strongest weapon to have.

best curved sword dark souls 3


It is the heaviest Curved Sword. It has a diverse move set of slashes for almost all occasions. Even its slashes are a bit slower still if you combined them with a well-timed kick it can cause great results. Just because it is heavyweight don’t ignore it.

best curved sword dark souls 3

Carthus Curved Sword

It has the longest blade you have seen in the Heavy Curved Swords. This longest blade Sword has greater reach and builds in bleed effect. I also have greater potential for damage and scaling down both the Heavy and Sharp infusion upgrade paths.

best curved sword dark souls 3

Storm Curved Sword

It is a powerful and heaviest Curved Sword. If it paired well with its weapon skills then it has the longest reach. It can also deal with aggressive tactics against shield-hugging foes. No wonder why everyone wants it.

best curved sword dark souls 3

Sellsword Twin blades

This is the best among any Curved Swords. Its ability to string together the craziest combos with minimal damage can easily decrease a large proportion of the opponent’s health bar in just a few seconds. This is dangerous out of all curved Swords. 

best curved sword dark souls 3

I hope it is helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. As pandemic is increasing nowadays it’s better to play such interesting games like Dark Soul 3 rather than going out. Stay with Evedonus Film for the latest updates


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