Recently, CIO insight, a well-known American IT media, selected seven best it certificates in 2021 by measuring the value and gold content of certificates, and CISA certificate ranked second.

More than 150,000 professionals have passed the examination since the CISA international registration information system auditor certificate was launched in 1978. No matter the recruitment managers of enterprises, or commercial and government agencies are thirsty for CISA certified personnel. Professionals all over the world regard CISA as the “gold standard” of is / IT certification. click here for more: cisa or cism

As the preferred certification for information system management and security, CISA has always been listed as one of the “highest salary certificates”. It is one of the most sought after certificates in the world. It is known as the “work certificate” in the domestic IT audit industry. It is not only a necessary certificate for it auditors, but also a shortcut for accounting and IT to high salary.

I: Who Needs A CISA Certificate

CIO, it manager, it risk management / internal control management practitioner;

Traditional auditors, information security audit practitioners, information security managers, information security managers and audit managers;

Information system auditors, it auditors, financial and operation audit professionals;

Employees responsible for information system planning, project management, R & D, operation and maintenance within the enterprise;

Information security consultants, it management and control consultants, it professional service providers and CISA enthusiasts;

II: Why Take the CISA Certificate

CISA requires to be familiar with the software, hardware, development, operation, maintenance, management and security of information system. Be able to use standardized and advanced audit technology to audit, inspect, evaluate and transform the security, stability and effectiveness of information system.

Enterprises pay more and more attention to technology, which increases the gold content of CISA certificate holders. Many enterprise organizations take CISA certificate as a hard qualification when recruiting compound talents with expertise in audit, security, risk, compliance and privacy.

CISA certificate is a good proof of professional ability in the field of information system audit, security and control. Whether you want to improve your work performance, get a promotion or compete for a new position, having CISA  certificate will have a competitive advantage that others can’t match. In China, the CBRC requires major commercial banks to have a certain number of CISA certificate holders in order to carry out IT audit.

The CISA certificate shows the reputation of professionals as qualified professionals in the fields of information system audit, control, authentication and security, and has solid and reliable technical ability.

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