What Happens When a Bond is Revoked?

A judge can revoke the bail if a defendant breaks any of the release conditions of the bail and any other requirements set by the judge. These conditions typically include attending all your court dates, which you can contact when you are on release, not leaving the city or country, etc. If you violate any of these conditions, the court can revoke your bail, which will cancel the bond. This means that you will be taken into custody, and your money or collateral used for your bail or bond will be forfeited by the court. Your Redding bail bonds agent will also be notified right after your bail is revoked or you miss any court trial. In this case, your bail bonds agent is provided a set amount of time to catch you and bring you to the court before forfeiting your collateral or funds used for bail. If the reason for missing your court date was illness or sickness, your bail might not be lost.

Most bails are revoked when a defendant fails to appear in court or violates a bail condition. In the following paragraphs, we will mention other conditions that can cause bail revocation. 

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Here are the Circumstances Where your Bail can be Revoked.

  • You miss your court hearing. Missing a court date is also known as jumping bail. 
  • Suppose you commit a crime while on release. You will have your bail revoked by the judge. 
  • Once your bail is approved, you must follow conditions set by the court under your bail approval application. It usually includes no contact with a criminal or persona related to your case, no indulgence in alcohol or drugs, and no contact with the victim of the crime. 

All of the above can cause your bail to be revoked. 

What Happens When Bail is Revoked.

Once bail is revoked, it will lead to fines, bond forfeiture, more jail time, and no permission to get bail in the future. 

Here are the Consequences When Bail is Revoked:

  • You can be returned to jail. This means more jail time.
  • You will be hunted down by a bounty hunter hired by your Weaverville bail bonds agent. You will be brought back to court by your bail bonds agent. 
  • You will be charged FTA.
  • You will lose the opportunity to get bail again or use a bail bond in the future for your case.
  • If you had a co-signer for your bail bond contract, they might be required to pay the bail bond fee, including collateral. 
  • You will lose your collateral or money you have used for bail bond or bail. The court or government will seize the property and money you have used for the bail bond or a bail application.

Who Can Revoke Bail?

The judge or the court is in charge of revoking bail. Even the bail bonds Red bluff agent has the authority to revoke bail or give a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. 

If you have failed to comply with a bail condition, you can work with your bail bonds agent to establish that you have no intentional plan of missing court or serious reason sickness or medical conditions.

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