How to Write the American University Admission Essay

American University supplemental essays are obligatory, so there is no way to bypass that assignment. Of course, you must write only 150 words; that might seem like a trouble-free task. Yet, the American University essay challenge is notorious for being demanding. Many students ask themselves, “who can write a paper for me cheap” as they need a flawless template. In addition, tight competition and a dense atmosphere does not contribute to self-confidence. But who said you could not nail that?

Why Is an American University Essay So Principally Significant? 

Remember that the American University supplement essay is key to a bright future only for 39% of all applicants. The committee asks applicants to write an essay to analyze every candidate. That makes the academic paper a unique profile, like an official document. 

That short document is your chance to state that you fit in the university culture right now. That is why it must demonstrate: 

  • Readiness to support values of American University; 
  • Enthusiasm to grip American opportunities; 
  • Specific and narrowly-focused interests; 
  • Engrossment in opportunities that have a solid connection to your background. 

Yet again, you must explain all that in 150 words — in three average paragraphs. And the same task bothers several people who could form a whole community. You need to be especially careful about narrowly focused papers, such as nursing essay writing. Thus, it is advisable to train before writing the American university supplemental essay to submit. 

4 Units that Should NEVER Be in an American University Admission Essay

We must highlight the significance of mistakes. Those show your lack of preparation for American University challenges. Equate that task to painting a masterpiece. If you use others’ ideas, standard techniques, and cheap materials, the piece will show that you are not a master for sure. So, try to avoid: 

Prioritizing the location

Location is the last priority. You are not choosing that university because it is fifteen minutes walking from your house. Vice versa, the physical distance must not be an obstacle that deletes your motivation. 

Appropriating ideas from the brochure/website 

Mentioning values and ideas from flyers in your paper does not contribute to originality. Moreover, the committee knows what the universities’ brochure says. They need your thoughts, not the already printed ones. 

Artificial emoting 

A theater performance in words might not make your American University essay noticeable. Yet again, you must fix information about your motivation. Emotions are secondary. 

Focusing on university traditions that you have yet to become a part of 

College supplemental essays should not be about atmosphere components like mascots and symbolism. Remember that you are not part of their team until the institution welcomes you as a student. Moreover, you are unlikely to delight the committee with praise of things that they know by heart. 

5 Essay Components that Will Win You a Place in American University 

Now you realize what to neglect. So, it is time to highlight what ideas will be demonstrative in your American University supplement essay. The list includes: 

Elucidation of American chances that exhilarate you

Several programs and clubs are fountains of opportunities that might alter your life for the better. Mention both curricular and extracurricular activities that seem like gates to latitude. Mention who you plan to become, and do not be shy to talk about your wannabee dreams. 

Describing American Values that coincide with your vision 

Remember that Why American University essay is three concise paragraphs. Thus, it is advisable to focus on one to three values that you share, no matter your origin. For instance, you might prioritize curiosity and social engagement. Or you might adore diversity, contrasts, and thought multiplicity. 

Focusing on a limited number of opportunities 

Yet again, American University supplemental essays are 150 words in length, plus or minus five. Thus, bring up two classes and one extra activity rather than writing a tome about everything at once. Moreover, the specifications demonstrate that you have done profound research. 

Showing your background in a concise word combination

We can say a ton of things about ourselves in one sentence. So, try describing yourself with remarkable facts instead of writing a poem about your biography. Furthermore, no one cancels highlighting your religion, nation, and other affiliations. Details of that kind speak louder than five hundred words. Your traits are the resource that will diversify university life and contribute novel ideas. Then why be shy about that? 

Demonstrating your heed to extra activities 

Studying at university does not mean sitting with a textbook 24/7. That life episode is diverse and bright, and you will consider various extracurricular activities. And that engagement might be what thrives the actual university culture. 

Writing Exercises that Might Help

Finance essay writing is challenging, and it bear more trouble when you have zero preparation for the task. That is why it is advisable to train before writing the paper for the committees’ table. You might want to try: 

  • Freewriting with a 150-words limit; 
  • Writing hefty sentences and cutting them until they consist of seven words; 
  • Detail describing; 
  • Short POV writing. 

The Final Pronouncement 

American University supplemental essays should not be an obstacle that blocks your dreams. Sure, nailing such a demanding task is exigent. Still, after you meditate and train, your 150-word paper will be a masterpiece that the committee will notice. 

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