Slang isn’t just fun because it’s entertaining and makes the language more colorful and exciting! It has become the new trend to watch these series, so we wrote this article to explain how the slang is full of fun by using language nuances. There are even benefits to it like enhancing your vocabulary and gaining knowledge about the English language.

For example, in modern usage, normal can mean ordinary or typical. Other common examples include bae meaning one’s boyfriend or girlfriend, slaying, being very good at something, or bossing up meaning toughening up.

Here are three Netflix series with lots of jokes and slang that we love: BoJack Horseman (animated), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (sit-com), and The Office (sit-com).

BoJack Horseman (animated)

If you love comedies and if you’re up for a good laugh, then BoJack Horseman is a great show for you. BoJack Horseman has several running jokes in every episode so it is guaranteed that after a few episodes, you’ll be able to understand even basic language used in everyday conversations. 

BoJack Horseman is an animated comedy-drama television series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg. It stars Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman, a washed-up actor from a popular sitcom, along with a supporting cast of seasoned voice actors. The show follows his life as he struggles to get critical acclaim for his writing, which mirrors his real life in many ways. 

Here’s an example: ghosted – (verb) to abruptly end all communication with someone, especially after dating or being friends for a while.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (sit-com)

Do you want to watch a Netflix series and learn some slang at the same time? Then you should check out Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This show is full of jokes and slang, making it the perfect way to learn some new words and phrases. Plus, the characters are lovable and relatable, so you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself while you’re learning. 

This show is about Detective Jake Peralta, who tries his best to make a name for himself in the precinct. He’s lazy, annoying and immature, but he has a knack for solving crimes. A handful of other characters are involved in the show as well, including Jake’s partner, Captain Raymond Holt; Jake’s girlfriend Amy Santiago; his nemesis Sergeant Terry Jeffords; and Captain Holt’s ex-wife and current assistant Stephanie. 

Each episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine contains plenty of jokes and slang that you can use daily with your friends or at work. 

The Office (sit-com)

The Office is an excellent show for learning American slang usage. The show is set in a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and revolves around the daily lives of its employees. The show is full of jokes and office politics, and the characters often use slang. 

One reason The Office is so great for learning American slang is that it presents language in a very clear way. As you watch these shows, you often feel like it’s impossible to understand what they’re saying. It’s easy to get lost in what feels like a foreign language, with new words being thrown around constantly.

A typical example is Dwight’s extensive vocabulary which he likes to throw out at any opportunity. His latest favorite term: is Dwangela. 

Some of the other popular slang terms used on the show include: that’s what she said, bromance, and cougar. If you watch this series with subtitles, it can be very helpful for understanding the dialogue! If you like sitcoms or cartoon series with lots of jokes and lots of language nuances, then The Office might be just what you’re looking for!


By now, you should have watched several episodes of your new favorite series and be able to follow along with the characters’ conversations. But do you know what they’re really saying? Slang is full of language nuances that can be difficult to understand if you’re not a native speaker.

But don’t worry, AmazingTalker is here to help! Offering discussion-based classes with language tutors who can help you understand the jokes and slang used in your favourite series. Fortunately, amazingTalker provides a platform that allows discussion with language tutors for learners to ask questions about English and get answers from experienced tutors in their own language. 

Whether you want help understanding expressions like That’s dope! Or What’s good? Or need clarification on grammar usage, such as She’s down vs. She has low self-esteem, tutors at AmazingTalker are happy to answer any question!


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