How Long Do Marijuana Seeds Last?

The selection of quality marijuana seeds is one of the essential aspects of growing. Even with excellent lighting and quality fertilizers, you can get a poor harvest using non-varietal seeds. If the seeds do not sprout, then there will be no harvest at all, and you just have to purchase new ones. Thus, yield, percentage of THC, aroma, and other criteria – everything depends on the planting material. Indeed, hemp seeds can produce exquisite sprouts 3-5 years after harvest. However, the quality of the material depends on the storage conditions. In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to choose top-quality marijuana seeds and how to store them upon planting.

What should you look for to distinguish good seeds?

All autoflowers are appreciated for their good germination index and unpretentiousness. The most stress-resistant varieties that any beginner can grow are LSD, White Widow, Blue Dream, etc. For example, you can find these and other varieties of marijuana seeds for sale at large online depositories like TheSeedFair. To check the quality of material upon arrival, pay attention to the following criteria:


This is one of the most important parameters. Good viable seeds have a brown coat. They may be of the most different shades – from light brown to almost black. Also, seeds can be multicolored and combine different shades. If they are green or white, then most likely they are unripe, which can be bad for growing.


The best germination index is observed in large seeds, from 3 mm and more, because the larger the seed, the more nutrients it contains. This doesn’t mean that a small seed won’t necessarily survive, especially if it looks healthy, but large seeds are much more likely to germinate.


Usually, the hemp seed has an oval shape, it is slightly pointed at the edges. If you see cracks, chips, or any deformations, then this is a bad sign. Again, if the cultivation takes place outdoors, and you are not limited in space, you can plant such seeds without problems. However, for growing indoors, strong whole seeds are the best choice.


Hemp seeds should be dense and hard. If for some reason they are soft or too brittle, then most likely these seeds are not viable. Excessive dryness and peeling are also negative signs. 

In general, you cannot be 100% sure of the germination of seeds only on the basis of a visual inspection; you can be sure of this only after planting. But the above signs are highly likely to help you weed out most of the non-viable planting material.

How to store canna seeds to preserve their properties?

Beginners often ask questions about how to store cannabis seeds so that they do not lose their properties. If you purchase the seeds at the dispensary, you can skip the below tips and proceed to the storage recommendations. Here are some preparation steps to take:

  1. Dry the hemp seeds thoroughly after harvesting. To assess the need for drying, you need to put the seeds in a tightly closed jar and leave them for several hours. If the seeds are not dried properly, condensation will appear on the walls of the jar.
  2. Select whole seeds, without cracks and chips, without suspicious spots and signs of mold.
  3. Choose a container for storage. These can be canvas bags, paper bags, tight-fitting glass jars, or plastic containers.
  4. Decide on a storage place: it should be cool, dark, and dry.

To create optimal conditions for the preservation of marijuana seeds, follow the below recommendations:

  • Ensure the right temperature. At room temperature, seeds can be stored for a very short time. If you need to “hold” them for several months or years, it is best to provide them with a stable temperature of 41°F to 46°F. For long-term storage, a refrigerator is the best option. In order for the seeds to withstand low temperatures, they must be well dried and hermetically sealed. If you decide to store the seeds in the freezer, observe the following rules: do not take out the seeds often and for a long time, and before pulling the seeds out of the container, you should wait until they reach room temperature.
  • Monitor humidity: ideally, it should not exceed 8-9%. Experienced growers recommend adding a desiccant such as silica gel or food-grade diatomaceous earth to the storage container, or mixing the seeds with white rice.
  • Control the lighting: the seed storage area should be dark: the rays of the sun should not fall there.

Possible problems to avoid

Growers may encounter various problems when storing cannabis seeds:

  • Insufficiently protected seeds can become prey to rodents. When storing seeds in the cellar, they should be closed in metal or glass containers;
  • Mold and fungus may occur when poorly-dried seeds are sent for storage;
  • If insects get into the container with seeds, they can spoil the entire genetic material. Experienced growers advise putting some diatomaceous earth in the container as it will protect seeds from insects;
  • It is very important to avoid constant temperature fluctuations. Because of them, condensation is formed, which violates the above-mentioned requirements for humidity;
  • Most often, cannabis seeds die or germinate at the wrong time precisely because of high humidity, but too low humidity is also bad because they can dry out and still lose their germination potential.

If in spite of everything, changes have begun in the seeds, and you see that they are about to germinate, it is impossible to stop this process without losing the seed. Plant them in potting soil, or the seeds will die.

In Conclusion

It is well-known that the germination of canna seeds gets worse after 3 years in storage. However, if you follow the above tips, you will probably be able to keep them productive even after 3 years. Considering all the recommendations, the best place for storage is a refrigerator. If for some reason this option is not suitable, you can choose any dry cool place away from sunlight.

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