Do you enjoy playing Roblox games Are you looking to create an online hospital-based game where you can help patients? Roblox has a wonderful game for you. It is becoming very popular among Philippines and United States users. Here’s the article about flowers for My Moon Roblox.

Roblox details

Roblox also offers “Flowers for My Moon”, a game that allows you to create and play your own games. Roblox is a platform where players can create and play many different games. Iltria is responsible for the development of the game. My Moon’s flowers were inspired by the Evergreen program and have recreated it.

The game centers around hospital wards and each patient will have his or her own medical history. The game was launched on January 5, 2021. They have also updated their gaming software. The game will be receiving a significant upgrade.

Flowers for My Moon Adoption

This is a sign that players have abandoned patients. The majority of players abandoned the character Autumn to express their grief. Players can remove the plug and leave their patients. The patient can be unplugged and players cannot return to the room of the patient because they have left them.

Players will get a message that says, “The player has left the patient. Now the patient is gone.” However, players remain puzzled by the lives of the patients after being abandoned. Sometimes, players will get a happy ending after staying with the patient for hours and then abandoning them.

The that was lost

Flowers for My Moon Lost – This program is part of the game. Players must beat it. Here’s the key: Players must keep track of their star. Ghosts will take the player’s star and kill them if they choose the wrong one. To survive in this “lost program”, they need to be mindful of their stars. But they will eventually discard this program and claim it to be a dreamer’s lost dreams.

The most played game

The Flowers for My Moon Robotlox is very popular among young people. Nearly 1.5 million people visited the Flowers for My Moon profile. 1871 active players follow the profile for updates. The hub area is being built and additional props are being added by a Harmony Killer developer.

Players expect leverage as they play the games today. This is because they can only use certain programs once before the program is banned. The players expect an update from their team. This game was praised by many gamers as being interesting.


This article, Flowers for My Moon Roblox, provided information on different programs. To help players, the game offers many badges, such as sky drowner, visiting hours and protagonist syndrome. This game attracts many gamers across the country because it revolves around a unique journal.


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