A pie iron is a camping cooking equipment made of two concave metal plates attached to a handle. This equipment can be used during a camping tour for a better experience regarding the meals you will eat during the period. Traditional pies are made of a sturdy cast iron which can never be affected by the highest temperature of a campfire. It has a long handle with a wooden grip to keep your hand safe from unnecessary injuries caused by the flame. Before buying a pie iron for your campfire cooking, you should keep things in mind. The following are some of the vital information about a pie iron. 

How To Take Care Of A Pie Iron 

Just like other equipment and devices, a pie iron can last long if you take care of it properly. You can face many difficulties understanding how to care for this product. The two metal plates are connected with a hinge that must be handled carefully. Your pie iron will not function properly if this part gets spoiled. The main rule in caring for the product is seasoning and sealing it with oil. This prevents it from sticking and rusting.  

How To Use A Pie Iron 

Pie irons are majorly made for camping cooking activities. However, you must know the procedures that will get you the best pie without getting the meal burnt.  

  1. Use a stand  

Place a stand in the fire, which will help you hold your pie iron, allowing you to move it in circles. This will help you spread the heat and reduce the chances of the food getting burnt.  

  1. Use the trimming method. 

While cooking pies, cutting the edges will be necessary. It will prevent anything from sticking out of your equipment. 

  1. Always check the progress.

Always open the plates to see the progress. This will help you determine the remaining time for the pie to get ready. 

  1. Grease the pan  

Greasing the cooking pan is essential because it will prevent the act of craping the pie on the bottom of the metal plates or pan. 

  1. Try something new 

You can try cooking different meals using a pie iron, such as pizzas, bread, and many more. This will allow you to have more fun during the camping period. 

How to buy the best pie iron  

This camping cooking equipment is being manufactured by so many companies out there. You must be careful when choosing the best because of the technology and the materials used in making the equipment. Review the materials used in making the product, from the plate to the handle. Buy products from the best manufacturing company and suppliers. Pie irons are also made in different sizes, which your needs will determine. If you outline your needs, you can get the best design, size, and type.  


Pie iron can be used for various things according to your needs. There are a variety of products in the market that can certify these needs. For instance, if you have a fireplace at home, you can also use the equipment to toast sandwiches and make pies. As mentioned above, you can use pie irons at home and at camping sites. The foundation of owning this equipment is knowing how to use it, take care of it and buy the best. You can buy an electric stove that works well with the pie iron. Buy the best campfire cooking equipment for the best camping experience. These are the basic things you should know about pie irons. 


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