Previously, only when watching science fiction films one could see appliances and home devices that talk to the owner. In addition to communication skills, electronics completely controlled the life support of an apartment or house: lighting, climate control, let guests in and out. At the time, it seemed to us that something like this would never be realized.

Modern high-tech engineers and programmers have done everything to turn the fantastic dreams of writers and directors into reality as quickly as possible. Nowadays, such a phenomenon as a smart home is no longer a rarity.

Furthermore, we have versatile branded automated systems and products to fulfill individual home automation projects or purchase already made smart products to change your life and even improve your health. The last factor is exactly what you can have due to the regular use of a stand up desk frame and all of its details. You are free to choose, construct online and combine different elements and automated details. 

The entire system of communication, life support, security, control activities, and other important functions are controlled by a simple touch panel or even through a special mobile application.

The smart home operation principle

Management of all systems is carried out using a control panel. There are special requirements for this equipment: reliability and high-quality work in all weather conditions, power surges, and other emergency situations. Also, the control panel can have a high degree of protection against the imposition of a false signal by intruders. This guarantees the complete security of your apartment or private house from attempts to violate the inviolability of the home.

The real possibilities of a smart home

For the full support of life, an intelligent computer system has important functions that are indispensable in the life of each of us:

Light level

Quite rarely, when designing apartment buildings, we can observe the breach of the rules for the ratio of the area of the windows to the area of ​​the living space, their orientation to the sides of the world and other improper things. Therefore, very few apartments have a normal level of natural light and do not require additional lighting or dimming during the day. As for the wiring and placement of lamps, only a complex configuration of chandeliers, ceiling lamps, sconces and floor lamps, which are placed in the right places, with the right brightness and power, can create coziness and comfort in a home. It is quite difficult to manage all the switches and lighting fixtures on your own, so a smart home comes to the rescue. It is able to create various lighting combinations and styles, such as “Party”, “Guest Night”, or Romantic Atmosphere”. 

If you live in a country house, then a smart home will help you not only with indoor lighting, but also effectively coordinate the work of the landscape lighting system. All this will turn the area around your house into a fabulous, cozy garden.

Security and control activities

The automated system is equipped with various infrared motion sensors, door or window opening, glass breaking, and modern locking systems. All this allows you to make your home a protected fortress. All sensors will turn on and off only using the mobile application on your phone or computer. Thus, you can always monitor the security of an apartment or house in real-time.

The system also includes sensors for gas leakage or flooding (breakthrough of water pipes). When the life support system breaks, the gas or water supply is automatically cut off, and the owner receives a message on the phone about an emergency.


This smart home function allows you to control the situation inside the dwelling and in the surrounding area in real-time. Even the arrival of guests or other visitors will not go unnoticed. They will be able to leave a video or audio message about the purpose of their visit and leave contact details.

Video surveillance is useful not only for monitoring strangers. With it, you can conveniently monitor the condition and well-being of elderly parents, sick relatives, or young children. So, even when you are far away from them, for example, on a business trip, you will always know where they are.

Control of microclimate parameters

Did you know that you can save electricity and gas? For example, when all family members leave for work and study in the morning, the system automatically lowers the temperature in the room and switches home appliances to an energy-saving mode of operation. Before coming, it will heat or cool the house to the physiological optimum, adjusting the humidity. 

There are many scenarios for setting parameters and operating modes of the system. The advantage of an intelligent modern program is the ability to calibrate equipment to suit your personal preferences, habits, and even work schedule. You should try it at least once and see how it can change your life.


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