evermerge chests getting and classify

lot of items and resources in the treasure chests in EverMerge. Some of them can be merged like other items to get bigger chests and more treasures. Some treasure chests cannot be merged and can be opened directly . Bag, used to fill the timeline of events. The following editor will introduce the acquisition and classification of evermerge treasure chests. For more detailed information on evermerge, please visit

1. How to get the treasure chest

1. Merge chests from the same branch.

2. Collect resource objects, such as wood and coral , etc.

3. Castle prizes.

4. Collect from mines.

5. Free treasure chest every day.

6. It can be obtained after passing certain stages of events .

7. Free promotional boxes for temporary resources.

8. Daily free food bags on Mystery Island .

9. Watch the advertisement to get it .

In EverMerge, chests are divided into levels, and the higher the item level, the more prizes you can get . Another important point is that the chests provide the same level of materials as they themselves. For example, a level 3 mine chest will give you a level 3 rainbow pearl, which means you don’t have to craft a level 3 rainbow pearl.

In addition , as the level of the treasure chest increases, the number of items in it will also increase. For example, a level 1 chest can only contain 2 – 3 items, but a level 3 chest can contain up to 15 items.

The type of treasure chest

Chests in EverMerge can be divided into the following types according to their contents :

1. Temporary Inventory Treasure Chest

drop from temporary inventory chests , which disappear after the event ends or after the promotion time. If you still have chests like this after the event is over or after the promo time , they wo n’t be useful in the near future unless a similar event starts, so it ‘s better to open these chests right away or combine them , don’t waste it until the end .

2. Resource treasure chest

Resource chests provide various resources that can be extracted , such as opening stone chests to get bricks to build stone houses. In addition to the main resources, you can also get the elements of the hero chain from it. Such chests can be merged to the highest level. But if you feel that there is not much left before the castle’s maximum draw, then it is recommended that you open the resource chest immediately.

3. Daily free treasure chest

Daily free chests can be obtained 3 times a day at a certain time , players can obtain such chests in the “Special” tab of the market . Daily free chests can be opened to get free recipe materials, coins, bronze and ruby dust. Sometimes there are also elements that make up the current character.

4. Food bags

The food bag can be obtained 3 times a day for free after a certain time , and the food bag can only be opened on the mysterious island. They have the first elements of the feed chain in them, such as strawberry sprouts that evolve into berries, and you can also buy them at the Mystery Island market.

5. Seed bags

Seed bags are very rare among resource objects and contain plant seeds that provide ingredients for recipes. These chests cannot be merged, so you can open them immediately.

The above is the acquisition and classification of evermerge treasure chests. Using treasure chests can quickly collect characters in the game, and can also help to complete some tasks in the storyline. When completing the tasks, you should carefully read the requirements of the tasks to avoid confusing the boxes needed to complete the tasks. grade. For more evermerge related guides, please pay attention to, they have a lot of fun and fun mobile games here, come and play!

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