When The Buffer Makes You Suffer

If you wish to enjoy a show or two at home, without any buffering, you need to sign up for Hawaiian Telcom internet packages to enjoy quality online streaming. 

Do we not all once in every while get all set to stream out our favorite or the most trending show, only to find ourselves looking at a screen that seems to be just a tiny circle, buffering and loading? If Netflix buffers, you switch to another streaming app like Hulu. If that doesn’t work too, you hop on to Amazon Prime Video, and unfortunately, if that doesn’t do the job too, you end up being highly frustrated turning the screen off and going back to using your phone. 

The poor internet signals, bad video streaming quality, pixelated pictures, and even that annoying tiny circle on the screen make us irritated. Let’s finally find solutions to end this nightmare of a problem and improve the quality of our video streaming. 

What Makes the Quality Of Hulu Or Netflix Bad?

The poor internet connection makes not just Netflix or Hulu but any other video streaming app’s quality bad, and blurry and makes it buffer for too long. Is it just that? It doesn’t end there. 

How Much Internet Speed Do You Require for Streaming?

You must install a high-quality internet connection for a reliable streaming experience but how can you determine how much speed you need? 

The on-demand streaming service, Netflix, asserts that to stream in seamless full HD, a broadband speed of a minimum of 5 Mbps is required. However, you’ll need an even quicker connection if you want to connect more than one or two devices simultaneously. 

To be more precise; 1 Mbps is recommended for watching in standard definition quality, while 3 Mbps is recommended for watching in 720p high definition quality. 5 Mbps is recommended for watching in 1080p high definition quality whereas 15 Mbps is recommended for watching in 4K Ultra high definition quality. To watch Netflix shows and movies on the recommended speeds, Hawaiian Telcom home is your best bet! 

Have you checked your internet connection’s speed? It might be the culprit! You can run an internet speed test to look at the current download and upload speeds for any internet device. 

When you get internet service for your home, you pay for a particular speed so if you have more than one screen connected at once, they need to share the bandwidth. Do you know that an average American household has around 6 devices connected at the same time? That means, more data is being consumed. So if you stream a 4K video, you could find your internet being capped and throttled. 

How to Improve the Streaming Quality?

Is your internet connection still lagging? Is the video still buffering even after you’ve done the speed test? Oops! Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to improve the quality of streaming video content; 

  • Reboot any devices you’re running the streaming service on or try restarting it
  • A quick reboot of the home network or router is all you need to get things back in order
  • Relocate your Wi-Fi device and router to a more optimal location and place them at a height
  • Dedicate the bandwidth to your streaming videos by disconnecting the internet connection on all the other devices. 
  • Upgrade your router, Wi-Fi hub, smart TV, streaming device, or anything you use to watch Netflix and Hulu. You can also upgrade your internet connection and switch to a fiber internet connection that offers fairly better speeds. 

Final Thoughts

Watching uninterrupted TV is what we all look for and if that helps you relax and unwind at home, trying a few tips and tricks can help you watch your desired video content in peace. 

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