Dynasty came back to CW in December 2021 with its very first two episodes of its fifth season, which depicts both sweet Christmas holidays and the fate of Fallon after changing the cliffhanger of season 4. But, what is going on in the life of Fallon and Liam in Dynasty season 5? During season 4, both the characters undergo rough situations in their marriage’s first year of marriage. As Liam looks over into dad’s past and Fallon worships her work over anything else, they both went through several hardships.

Without offering any spoilers to viewers after the long break, Liam and Fallon’s marriage undergoes tough situations and neared to divorce before the characters could celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Isn’t it sad? Did the pair decide to get divorced or do they manage their differences? Viewers would get all answers in Dynasty season 5, as the show is kicked off with a heavy bang. So, be ready to get spoilers.

Fallon and Liam Dynasty season 5 update

At the end of dynasty season 4, Liam and Fallon come forward and ponder upon their past life. One of the show’s characters – Eva created division in Liam and Fallon’s relationship, and Fallon cheats Liam with Colin. But, after Fallon’s shot, Liam stays strong by her side with a brave smile. Liam loses his temper which he is harboring towards Fallon, due to which Fallon gets into a coma. Soon, Liam realizes his mistake and helps Fallon to wake her up from a coma.

Though, when Liam and Fallon get to know about Eva’s love towards Liam and how Eva is responsible for the rift in their relationship, Liam gathers some empathy. But, Liam has not forgiven Fallon yet. So, will the couple get together in Dynasty season 5? It could be possible as in the finale episode of season 4 Liam confesses to Eva that he still loves Fallon purely. Liam also tells Fallon to sort out the differences. Moreover, several hints would make viewers believe that it is not over yet between the core couple of the show.


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