Rachael Kirkconnell, the ‘Bachelor’ Contestant makes apology for being racist in the past.

Rachael Kirkconnell, the ‘Bachelor’ contestant has apologized for her controversial social media posts. Kirkconnell is on the current season of the ABC reality show, and her earlier social media posts have become popular now.


Rachael Kirkconnell Apology

Rachael Kirckonnel, the 'Bachelor' Contestant makes apology for being racist in the past.
Kirkconnell’s Apology

Kirkconnell in a statement on Tuesday said that at one point in her life, she did not recognize how offensive and racist her actions were, but that is not an excuse for what she was doing. Kirkconnell was seen dressed in a Native American attire, and she was attending a ball with antebellum plantation theme.

Rachael Kirkconnell’s Instagram Posts

In one of her Instagram posts on Thursday, Kirckonnel admitted that her ignorance was racist and that she was wrong. She continued to say that she did not recognize how offensive and racist, her actions were, at one point. Further, she continued to say that her age or when it happened does not excuse her actions. Her actions were not okay or acceptable in any sense and that she was ignorant. But her ignorance was racist, she admitted.

She also apologized to the communities and people, whom she has offended. She also said that she was ashamed of her ignorance and hope to do better in future. She continued to say that she is learning from her mistakes and will continue to be an antiracist.

Kirkconnell said that her family had always supported her, and have always allowed her to have her own opinions and views.

Rachael Kirckonnell has made her statement, just one day after  Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s apology. Chris Harrison had said that she deserved to be shown a little grace, a little understanding and a little compassion during his conversation with Rachel Lindsay, who is a former Bachelorette.

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