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The adventure of the Science Kingdom team as they travel across the world is revealed in Dr. Stone Chapter 213. The voyage had begun eight years before the medusa invaded the Earth, and it had finally concluded. Dr. Stone Chapter 213 kicks off the human resurrection, with Senku leading his crew on a mission to resurrect more comrades while continuing to develop a rocket that would take them to the moon. Dr. Stone reveals Senku and his research team as they embark on various trips. Senku instructed his staff in the newest Dr. Stone Chapter that it was time to resurrect some people. #drstone

The crew gets to work, resurrecting the men they know as well as other residents. They learn they’ve restored the Treasure Island crew as well as the Japanese veterans. Because he stands out from the others, the human assumes the man with spike hair is the Legendary Senku. The mighty man is perplexed as to why they are referred to as “old-timers.” They didn’t spend any time, instead of joining Gen and getting to work. Gen is astonished by the fact that these men can do miracles. Senku is concerned about Ruri and the Mainland’s men.

dr. stone chapter 213

Senku inquires about the special missions in the Treasure Islands, to which Soyuz responds that they are behind schedule due to their extended petrification. Chrome is intrigued by Senku’s mention of a unique assignment. Soyuz adds that the reinforcement and resources are beneficial. Gen is taken aback by Soyuz’s dominance on the Mainland. Ukyo terrified Ruri and the others as they talked about the populace over there. They like visiting other islands and restoring people’s health. Senku says that going throughout the world has made them triumphant in their quest to return to Japan.

Dr. Stone Chapter 213 Release Date

dr. stone chapter 213

On October 10th, 2021, Dr. Stone Chapter 213 will be released. Chalk and Sagara depart with their families, and Suika understands they’ve come to say their final goodbyes. Koharu’s father understands that they must feed everyone, and Ryusui wonders what unique cuisine they would offer. Koharu recommends that they be treated to a delectable supper. The crew consumes Sushi and celebrates their reunion with Koharu’s village residents.

Read Dr. Stone Chapter 213 Online – Raw Details

On VIZ Media’s official website, you can read Dr. Stone Chapter 213 online. Shueisha’s online magazine, Shonen Jump+, serialises the manga and publishes a new chapter every week.

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