Minecraft is most popular game in gaming world. It is available for almost all the platforms. But minecraft pocket edition is particularly designed for mobile. This is an adventurous game mainly focuses on mining, crafting and building, as hinted by it’s name.

It was developed by Mojang Studios for mobile phones. Pocket edition of minecraft introduced Bedrock Engine. Pocket edition was first released for Xperia play only, on 16 August 2011. Later on, it released on android and iOS too in October 2011 and November 2011 respectively.

Can You Tame A Polar Bear In Minecraft PE

A polar bear in Minecraft PE should be tamed by feeding them fishes. Player should catch several fish for a single polar bear and they need to bring fishes for each bear they wish to have. Fishes can be catch by rod. For taming a polar bear, player needs to keep feeding them until the heart appeared and filled above their head. Once the heart was full, the polar bear is tamed.

Player needs to create a world first, and then name it. Then, they are supposed to choose a mode between survival or creative. In survival, they are attacked by others. Then they have to select the difficulty of the game.


Minecraft is basically based on crafting materials, which were later used for building structure, sculpture etc. To craft more things in the game, player first needs to craft a crafting table. For that, they need to collect wooden planks.


Minecraft is basically an exploration and adventurous game. But it also have some danger. At the night time or while moving in caves, zombies and other harmful creatures chase player and wanted to kill them. Of not killing, they may cause harm to the player. And falling from a height also leads to kill. When the hearts of health meter reduced, the risk of death increased. And if a player died, all his collections will lose.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear can be found only in icy biome of minecraft. Polar bears generally moved in a group of 4 or more. Player should tame the alone and younger polar bear. As adult polar bears may attack you.

Can you tame a polar bear in Minecraft PE


This game is filled with greatest challenges and levels which adds up in the adventure of minecraft. Each levels brings up the fun for the players. The game is full of icy waters, hostile mobs, long distance walks etc. In a part of this game, player needs to tame a polar bear in order to win over other creatures by owning their own polar bear.


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